Festival of Power ’22

After seven long winter months and two years of countless cancellations the European drag racing season kicked off, without restrictions, over the Easter weekend.  Easter in the UK is usually plagued by cold and rain, not this year, wall to wall sunshine, light southerly breeze and temperatures in the 70’s, perfect.

Long time readers will know that as well as butterflies, dragonflies and birds my other great interest is drag racing the loudest, fastest and most powerful motor sport in the world.  I’ve been going to meetings for over forty five years and have witnessed so many changes.  If someone had said back in the seventies what speeds and times these cars and bikes are doing now they would have been laughed at, we think we are at the limit now but are we?  Take a look at a bit of action from the Sunday eliminations, just a handful of the hundreds of shots I took!

The final of Nitro Funny Car sees winner Kevin Chapman in the blue and white Mustang take on Steve Ashdown in the ‘Undertaker’ Dodge Stratus. Under those carbon bodies are 500ci (8 litre) supercharged, injected v8 Hemi engines running on nitromethane and producing 10,000 bhp. This wide angle shot took a bit of cropping to get it to look right
Super Street Bikes are insanely quick capable of running the 1/4 mile in 6.8 seconds at over 220mph, if the power comes in too soon they can head skywards as Al Morrison jr found out!
The ultimate class in drag racing are the Top Fuel Dragsters. They race over 1,000 feet and cover that distance in under 4 seconds at well over 300mph. In under a second (about 60 feet) they are already travelling at 100mph. This brave (crazy?) lady is Finland’s Ida Zetterstrom
At the other end of the scale are the Junior Dragsters. For the 8 to 17 year olds they race over 1/8th mile. The top cars cover this in under 8 seconds at around 80mph, far quicker than most road cars! JMA 15 is Daniel Weir the event runner up
‘Crew Killer’ is the name of John Tebenham’s Ford Pop for good reason, his burn outs are really wild. This time a gaggle of media photogs got a closer look than expected!
As the sun went down it was finals time. I moved down toward the finishing line to see if I could get any shots of cars at top speed in the low light. This is Spencer Tramm winning Comp Eliminator in his Camaro

25 thoughts on “Festival of Power ’22

    1. Yes CJ an expensive sport with very little reward, the prize money barely covers running costs. As for environmentally friendly well very, very few of the machines run on ‘fossil fuels’ most use methanol (alcohol). There are far, far worse things polluting the world right now.

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      1. I didn’t know they ran on methanol. Interesting. I know, the airlines (which is the Hubby’s employer) and the shipping industry are far worse than auto sports. Not to mention the human desire to destroy everything with military hardware! Have a great weekend with Mrs H.!😊

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  1. Lucky you.
    I watched Sunday on line. It reminded of Easter 76 and the weather that continued all that summer.
    I’m going in May and September for the FIA rounds. Keep taking the pictures.
    Butterflies are coming out too already.

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    1. Yes a warm, sunny Easter meeting Malvin, certainly lifts the gloom.
      Looking forward to the ‘Main Event’ also but I suspect there will be very few entries from Scandinavia.


  2. Amazing pics, they all deserve to be framed.
    The evolution of the sport has been incredible, I got involved with drag racing in South America in the early 1990s and at the time we were getting from Top Fuels back then has been beaten by Pro Mods nowadays.

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    1. Thanks for the nice comment Rubens, I try my best with the camera!
      Yes times today are crazy. There is a street legal car here that gets lots of road miles going quicker and faster than Fuel cars did in the late 70’s!


  3. Brian, I bet you were happy as a dancing, singing lark being there amongst all the odeurs of burnt rubber, carbon monoxide, nitromethane, etc.—not that ANYONE there would’ve been able to hear you sing, which may have been a good thing, right? 😉 😄

    I had a good high school marching band buddy who had an almost identical Chevy Camaro as Spencer Tramm’s there. Same color, white racing stripes over hood (bonnet?), roof, and trunk. Holy Crapola Batman, when he gunned it from a standstill, I swear my head hit the front of the headrest and was GLUED to it until he topped it off around 105–110 mph. 😲 He definitely had it souped up somehow! Unbelievable it was. I felt as if I was on top of NASA’s Saturn 5 rocket-boosters going PAST the Moon. And I was NOT next to Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin… so I wasn’t totally comfortable with the possibility of never seeing my parents or sister again! 😬 😆 Anyway, great pics. I know you had a BLAST—no pun intended there.

    If I may my trifecta footballing friend, we Yanks got some crushing news during & after the Borussia Dortmund game vs. Stuttgart, April 8th. Giovanni Reyna has been ruled out for Dortmund’s remaining season. 😔 Bad muscle and tendon tears, again for Gio. Geeezzz. This (below) is what we Yanks are going to miss… (if I may leave a YouTube highlight from WC Qualifying vs. Mexico…

    Some Mexico color commentator compared this snippet ‘Diego Maradona-esque‘ in the 1986 WC versus England in Azteca Stadium no less! Woah NELLIE! Increíble! 😉 By chance, did you hear/see this about his performance?

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    1. Yes Prof a great meeting to start the season.
      I didn’t know your star player has been crocked. We get very little news here on U.S soccer (I had to google to see if you had qualified for the finals when I got back from Germany!). There’s a long way to go before Qatar so he may recover.
      Sadly the video you posted will not play so I’m guessing he’s not punching the ball in the net? 🤬😡 (still bitter after all these years).

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      1. 😄 No Brian, Reyna had one more El Tre player to beat and he could’ve gotten a shot away. But even the Mexican fans were oooo-ing & ahhh-ing cheering him. Here, let’s try an American broadcast…

        I am hoping Gio recovers soon enough to at least be a viable substitute come Qatar 2022. But first assessments by medical staff have their doubts. It will be a long road for Giovanni, sadly. Christian Pulisic and Weston McKinnie (and a few others playing in Europe) won’t be able to seriously compete & show the U.S.’s talent unless Reyna is in the starting eleven. 😞 Our bench isn’t deep.

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  4. Hemi engines and souped up Camaros – reads like you are back in the states ha. Clearly running faster than our backstreet runners – must be a hell of thrill to hit that accelerator (maybe they are buttons and not pedals now, not sure).

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