Somewhat out of sync due to my little drag racing post, this is my third and final offering from our trip to Berlin at the beginning of April.  Sunday dawned quite sunny, the wind had dropped but it was still a bit nippy.  Today we took the ringbahn to Westend which is oddly enough on the west side of the City.  From here it was a short stroll down Spandauer Damm to the beautiful Charlottenburg Palace.  Up ahead thousands of runners competing in the Berlin half marathon streamed round the bend accompanied by what sounded like a brass band.  We arrived just as the Orangery cafe opened so popped in for a hot chocolate and generous slice of cake to set us up for a walk around the park.

A view back over the carp lake to the palace. What you see is only about a third of the total width!

The Palace was first built in 1699 for Sophie Charlotte the wife of Friedrich I.  It was extended in the 1700’s.  Of course in those days Berlin was a fraction of the size and the area it was built in was the village of Lietzow.  Today the 55 hectare (135 acre) park is nestled among housing, shops and busy roads.  The River Spree borders one side and apart from the main lake there are several other watercourses.  All this set amid beautiful trees and areas left to grow wild.  This was the best place I have seen so far for wildlife with numerous bird species.  In the summer I would think this is an oasis for butterflies and dragonflies.

‘Ole Frank the Hanser’ There were several grey herons (Ardea cinerea) around the park
Not a bad garden shed! This is the Belvedere built in 1788 and used as a tea room and lookout tower
A Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) poses beside the lake.
Back in September on our last visit to the City I was quite excited to see one of these Mandarin Ducks (Aix galericulata) on a lake in the Tiergarten. This time they were everywhere!
You can encounter lots of ‘wildlife’ in Berlin parks! Mrs H, Chilli and the Lemming

We saw gorgeous Red Squirrels, a dashing Kingfisher and a mystery animal swimming across the lake.  Beaver or Coypu?  I will never know.  I made my way to where it was heading but with a swirl it disappeared and we never saw it resurface.  There was a tree by one of the channels which had been brought down by a Beaver so it could have been my first ever sighting of one.

We got back to the Orangery in time for lunch, a big, steaming bowl of creamy vegetable soup and crusty roll.  A perfect end to the visit.

20 thoughts on “Charlottenburg

  1. Now that is an impressive shed! I would love to some day get a Mandarin in the tin. Reminds me of a much more elegant Wood Duck. Trust me, you ONLY want to encounter a beaver somewhere other than near your neck of the woods. Destructive little buggers. They usually announce their displeasure in your presence with a hard slap of the water with their tail before going under. Note, this may be the first time I’ve seen a picture of Mrs H – she didn’t opt for the purple hair hehehehe.

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    1. Now you’ve spoilt my excitement in a possible beaver sighting! Just kidding, I guess they can be a problem but they are being re-introduced into the UK to help solve flooding issues in certain areas.
      Mr H has had many different hues of hair, not as outrageous as the Lemming though, her half bright red half jet black took some beating!
      Not wishing to pry B, guessing things are not totally ok at the moment but your mentioning of surgery is a bit worrying especially as you are not giving too much away. Whatever is happening I hope everything works out for you.

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      1. I’ll keep an eye out for some brightly colored hair shots of Mrs. H. in the future (or did you really mean you ha). There are a lot of things going on right now B. that I haven’t really had the heart to go into detail. My potential surgery was just another issue that is/was wrapped up in the current larger situation. The main issue is had to put my mother in a hospice and between my brothers and I we are doing our best to have someone with her night and day. Been a struggle both emotionally and physically and figured I’d catch everyone up once this all comes to conclusion (she was given 3-4 weeks and now in the 4th). People have enough burdens of their own and I figured I’d catch everyone up once I am able to come to terms with it myself. I really appreciate the concern and well wishes.

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      2. Totally understand your situation B. At times life has a real nasty habit of kicking you in the nuts when you are down. I lost both my parents many years ago, my dad was not that much older than I am now, then Mrs H lost her mum, dad, grandfather and uncle all in a space of about 5 years. Don’t know how we coped on our own but we got through. You have your brothers and families to help which is brilliant but it’s still a sad thing.
        As for your surgery, which you now don’t need? I guess from your cryptic clues it’s an injury thing and not something internal.
        Whatever happens our thoughts are with you, keep strong.

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      3. Thanks B., appreciate the support. Definitely one of those situations you can’t prepare for and just need to push through. Yep, my surgery scare was a result of a running related injury – was misdiagnosed by local experts and finally correctly diagnosed by an outside specialist – 5 months later. Big relief, but it is still an injury and will take a significant amount of time to resolve through physical therapy, but no knife!!

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    1. Yes that’s true. I will look around the grand houses but eventually wander off to see what lives in the parkland! Mind you having our daughters dog with us meant I didn’t need an excuse this time.

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  2. Loved the “Garden Shed”! The German landscape has more room for such items.😂🤣 beavers are wonderful creatures, they can scare the heck out of you if you aren’t paying attention while paddling! They are on a comeback here on the mainland as we see them in more places now than in years past. Of course Minnesota is a great place to see them if you ever make it to the states.😊

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