Drag Racing Machines & Classes

Top Fuel.  The ultimate class in drag racing.  These machines produce over 10,000 horse power, reach 100mph in under 1 second and will cover the 1000ft distance in less than 4 seconds at speeds of over 300mph.  The ‘fuel’ is nitromethane a very explosive liquid that needs little oxygen.

2017 Top Fuel champion Duncan Micallef from Malta

Nitro Funny Car.   Wild and exciting.  These short wheelbase machines with the engine in front of the driver are as powerful as the Top Fuel dragsters.  In Europe they are not as quick as the dragsters.  The bodies are carbon composite replicas of modern cars and are often known as ‘floppers’.

‘West Ten’ a Mustang bodied Funny Car driven by Kevin Kent

Top Methanol.  These cars resemble the more powerful nitro machines.  Once  very popular classes sadly numbers of entrants has dropped so the dragsters and funnies often race together with a handicap to the slower funny cars.  The dragsters can run with a supercharged (blown) engine using methanol as fuel, or injected where nitro is allowed, these are known as ‘A Fuel’.  Raced over the 1/4 mile, times of low 5 seconds and speeds to 280mph.

Top Methanol dragster driven by Chris Polidano of Malta, an ‘A Fuel’ car

Pro Stock.  Highly sophisticated machines based on production cars.  Will run under 6 and a half seconds and reach over 210mph, they need perfect track conditions or will get well out of shape.  In Europe this class is dominated by Swedish teams.

Bengt Ljungdahl in his Chevrolet Camaro Pro Stocker

Pro Mod.  This is my favorite class.  Full bodied door cars with huge engines.  The styles range from a 1930’s hot rod to modern American ‘muscle cars’.  Three engine types are permitted, supercharged running on methanol, nitrous injected or turbocharged, the biggest motor is over 14,000cc!  These crazy machines will run high 5 secs to over 260mph.

The ‘Old Fifty One’ Pro Mod is based on a 1951 Chevrolet Business Coupe

Comp Eliminator.  In this class almost anything goes, except nitro.  The machines are grouped into brackets based on power to weight ratio, each bracket has an elapse time so a handicap is given to the slower bracket.  There is no penalty for going quicker so it’s first to the line wins.

Rob Smallworth and his 55 Chevy Bel Air running in Comp Eliminator

Super Comp.  These can be dragsters, altereds or door cars but they must not go quicker than 8.90 seconds.

Multiple Super Comp champion Stu Doignie in his VX4/90 ‘OO Heaven’

Super Gas.  These cars must not go quicker than 9.90 seconds.  Some teams will enter this class and Super Comp and will tune their engines accordingly.

Often run in Super Gas ‘Tim’s Toy’ a 1967 Chevy Nova of Tim Moore

Super Street.  For full bodied cars only, the index is 10.90.

‘Dark Revenger’ Dave Cherrett’s Ford model A van in Super Street

Super Pro ET.  For machines running between 6 and 8.99 seconds.  In the ET classes the team will give an elapse time (ET) for their vehicle and must not go quicker.  The slower team gets a handicap starting advantage so it is down to reaction times but you must reach the stripe first.

Super Pro ET dragster of John Przybyl

Pro ET.  Same rules as Super Pro but elapsed times of between 9 and 11.99 seconds. A mix of mostly door cars, dragsters and altereds.

‘Plum Crazy Racing’s’ Plymouth Barracuda in Pro ET at the wheel Simon Innes

Street Eliminator.  Totally street legal, not the sort of car you would want to pull alongside at the traffic lights!  The best of these cars will cover the 1/4 mile in under 8 seconds at over 200mph!  They must also complete a 20+ mile cruise between qualifying and eliminations.

Team Extreme run this Nissan GTR in Street Eliminator, Matt Smith driving

Junior Dragster.  For the under 18 year olds.  These machines run over 1/8th of a mile but will still reach over 80mph in under 8 seconds, quicker than most road cars.  It is an elapse time (ET) class with starting advantage to the slower car.

Junior Dragster. This is Matthew Dowdy

Outlaw  Anglia.  Wild, crazy with the top cars running in the 7’s.  Heads up racing for 1940’s style cars with all the modern refinements.

Colin Millar, Outlaw Anglia champ

Nostalgia Nitro.  This is for those cars that are based on machines of the 1970’s. A mix of Fuel Altereds and Funny Cars.  They will run low 6 seconds at over 200mph and give a taste of what it was like in the sport’s early years.

Nick Davies in the Fuel Altered ‘Havoc’
‘Time Warp’ a Mustang bodied Nostalgia Funny Car driven by Wendy Baker

Wild Bunch.  Another class giving a taste of 70’s nostalgia racing.

‘Jurassic Parts’ slingshot dragster driven by Mick Gleadow in Wild Bunch

Nostalgia Superstock.  This class is for pre-1980 American V8s and is run on a dial in basis, the top cars run in the 9 seconds.

Jack Bishop’s Nostalgia Superstock ‘Cuda

There are several other Sportsman Classes I have not described here which feature at National Meetings.  This ensures you get a full days entertainment, great value for a day out and you can wander around the pits and meet the teams when they are not busy preparing the machines.

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