About This Site

I am a Norfolk U.K based amateur photographer with a variety of interests, from searching quiet countryside for birds and butterflies, to the adrenaline rush of mighty dragsters. In this blog I hope to share with you some of my images and experiences.  Check out the HOME page for portfolios of images, use the back arrow to return.  The BLOG page is short accounts.  See the side bar on the right.  Images on the BLOG page are not as sharp as the originals due to compression by wordpress

I have been a keen birdwatcher since a young age and have spent many happy hours twitching rarities.  Now having seen over 400 species in the U.K I tend to keep local and avoid the crowds.  In 2016 I decided to try and see all Norfolk’s butterflies. This I have achieved and photographed most of them.  For 2017 I hope to travel further afield to see some rare and localised species – watch this space!

Drag racing is another of my interests.  I have been going to meetings since 1976 and still love it. The noise, smell, colour, speed and close-up action is addictive.  Forty years ago nitro burning Top Fuel cars could cover the 1/4 mile in 6 secs at speeds of 200mph. Today they race over 1000ft for safety reasons but cover this distance in under 4 secs at over 300mph!  All the other classes have improved as well and make for a great day out.

I started taking photographs as a small child when I was given a Box Brownie.   It took some nice snaps despite the view finder being cloudy.  Later I had various 110 instamatics before purchasing my first 35mm slr, a mighty Zenith ttl.  I found the cost of film and developing very prohibitive and gave up after a few years.

Two years ago I inherited a Nikon D3100.  Once I had learned how to use it and edit pictures on the pc (not computer literate!) I was hooked.  Now I have the 5300 and love it and hope my images keep on improving.  Again please note that the images on the blog page have lost a touch of sharpness from the originals.  This is due to compression.  Better images are on the HOME page.

Hope you enjoy this site.  Brian Hicks.

Swallowtail butterfly at Hickling Broad Norfolk.