Crazy Pro Mods

Perhaps my favorite class in drag racing has to be the awesome Pro Mods.  There is such a diversity of body styles and engine types.  The bodies must be full size with opening doors and three types of power can be used.  1. Supercharged running on methanol.  2. Turbocharged.  3. Nitrous injected.  There is no limit to engine capacity, the biggest motor is over 14,000cc !

These cars race over the 1/4 mile and are a real handful.  The European records currently stand at 5.751 seconds for the ET and 260.11 mph.  Here are images of most of the race cars from the last three years.

‘Gotham City’  63 Chevy Corvette.  Bruno Bader Switzerland

‘Voodoo Hemi’  Plymouth Superbird.  Marck Harteveld Netherlands

53 Chevy Corvette.  Marco Maurischat Germany

‘Shakespeare Engineering’  Dodge Viper.  Roger Moore UK

68 Chevy Camaro.  Micke Gullqvist Sweden

‘Anger Management’  69 Chevy Camaro.  Andy Robinson UK

Dodge Avenger II.  Norbert Kuno Germany

‘Blown Bird’  57 Ford Thunderbird.  Kev Slyfield UK

Willys Coupe.  Bobby Wallace UK

‘Hawaiian Tropic’  57 Chevy Bel Air.  Thomas Stieffel Switzerland

67 Chevy Camaro.  David Vegter Netherlands

‘Fast Freddy’  Chevy C10 pick up.  Freddy Fagerstrom Sweden

‘The Old 51’  51 Chevy Business Coupe.  Jimmy Alund Sweden


63 Chevy Corvette.  Steve Rawlings UK


‘Lucky Devil’  63 Chevy Corvette.  Wayne Nicholson UK


‘Pro Dutch Racing’  71 Plymouth Cuda.  Michel Tooren Netherlands


‘Green Goblin’  56 Ford Crown Victoria.  Mats Eriksson Sweden


‘The Hot Rod’  38 Ford Coupe.  Bert Englefield UK


‘Punisher’  63 Chevy Corvette.  Marcus Hilt Switzerland


68 Chevy Camero.   Jan Ericsson Sweden


68 Pontiac Firebird.   Kim Kristiansen Denmark


‘Bad Apple’  68 Chevy Camero.  Jean Dulamon France


‘Roofers Toy’  57 Chevy Bel Air.  Peter Wacker Switzerland


Ford Mustang.  Roger Johansson Sweden


Plymouth Duster.  Chris Isaacs UK


‘Fast Company’  Ford Mustang.  John Webster UK


‘Wallace Motorsport’  Ford Mustang.  Bobby Wallace UK