April in Berlin

We are back from our belated Christmas trip to the German capital to see our daughter.  Spring in Berlin?  If only.  It was definitely a case of “You should have been here last week”.  Mostly cold, grey and windy, never mind, we enjoyed ourselves despite our taxi not turning up at Brandenburg airport or the hotel restaurant not being open the night it poured with rain and gale force winds.

There’s a bit of a central focal point to these shots, see if you can spot it!

‘Leap into Freedom’

The statue on the right is a representation of a famous photograph taken in 1961 by Peter Leibing.  The young East German border guard was 19 year old Konrad Schumann escaping to the west during construction of the infamous Berlin Wall.

Wasserturm Prenzlauer Berg

The water tower is Berlin’s oldest.  It was constructed in 1877 and used until 1952.  In the 1930’s it had a much darker use.  Today the grounds are a play area.

Spotted roaming the streets of Alexanderplatz, the elusive ‘Norfolk Lemming’ sporting it’s spring fur, purple!

The light was a bit gloomy when taking these shots but I will do a couple more posts with a whiff of spring from other places we visited.  Did you spot the recurring building?  The Fernsehturm, not difficult to miss this icon of the Berlin skyline!

15 thoughts on “April in Berlin

  1. So happy to see that you made your trip! The weather has been an issue. I got the gardening big early and then this weather hit knocking us back into what…winter, fall, early Spring?😳🙄 Loved the picture of the Leap to Freedom seems very appropriate to be constant reminder.

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    1. It’s (another) strange spring CJ but should improve later this week.
      That statue is a reminder to what could happen again. They say lessons were learnt, sadly some Countries have short memories!

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      1. Sadly, very true. “Never again!” Seems very shallow as the response to the situation has been slow and not as well coordinated as if we had gotten out in front of the situation. Millions of people suffering is never the right answer in my book, but then I see this from a different prospective than most other people.
        You and Mrs H enjoy the weekend.

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  2. Glad you are back home, safe I hope? And hope your daughter is doing well? Wonderful pics Brian. I too particularly like the “Leap into Freedom” image, and over barbed wire no less! Would that street or some part of Berlin have a host of various commemorations of escape methods from Authoritarian regimes like the USSR? Some of the escapes I read about, watched on documentaries, etc, were pretty freakin’ amazing. 😲

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  3. Evening Mr D. Yes, good journey home and the Lemming, sorry, my daughter is doing great. She has a great new flat in a nice area and her little rescue dog ‘Chilli’ has lots of new parks to run in.

    All along the line of the Wall are plaques in the ground telling who escaped, got caught or sadly killed. There are a host of information boards telling the history of that particular area with many photographs to remind people of what occurred. Escape tunnels are marked on the ground as well. It’s a grim reminder of the dark days of the ‘cold war’ and pretty relevant as to what is happening not too far from Berlin.
    You might like this post I did a couple of years back

    East Side Gallery – Berlin


  4. Good to hear you were able to spend time with your daughter! Wasn’t familiar with Konrad Schumann so looked him up – quite a bold/brave move although something must have been troubling him as he came to a discouraging end. A post with images of country I’ve never been too and a history lesson – what more could you want.

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  5. Extremely happy you were (finally) able to visit your daughter, Brian!

    Throughout the late ’70’s and early ’80’s I visited Berlin 3-4 times a year. Wonderful memories! Of course, at that time, The Wall was a constant reminder of how easy it is for many of us to take our freedoms for granted.

    Spring is in full force around here! Birds are breeding, dragons are on patrol, blooms are opening – great time to be outdoors!

    Welcome home!

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    1. It’s warming up a wee bit here as well Wally, saw 6 butterflies of 3 species (including a first for the year)!!!
      Our dragons are still a little way off, maybe another week of decent temps will bring out the first damsels.
      We are getting signs of our (very few) garden birds nesting.
      Yes, a nice little break with the little one but always sad to come home.


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