Sheringham Park

An obliging purple hairstreak



Sheringham Park in north Norfolk was designed in 1812 by Humphry Repton for the Upcher family.  It is now owned by the National Trust.  In early summer there is a magnificent display of rhododendrons and azaleas.  For me the attraction is purple hairstreaks and the fact they can be seen at tree top level.

Female purple hairstreak catches the sun



It is a walk of over a mile to the gazebo and then a very stiff climb to the top.  Not for those with a dodgy heart!  The view over the coast is stunning and you get the bonus of the occasional steam train on the poppy line.  From this lofty position you are at eye level with the hairstreaks as they flit among the oaks.  With a bit of luck they will often settle in camera range looking for honeydew.

Small copper in the Bower



After three hours the wind got a touch too much so I moved on.  A lovely walk back and I looked in at the Bower.  This is a sensory garden and is filled with colour and scent, also a wild flower area and lots of butterflies and bees.



The small copper caught my eye, they are lovely little butterflies easily overlooked.  I also liked the large whites.  Cabbage growers curse them but in this setting they looked great.

Large white, not a cabbage in sight!



Amongst the countless bees on the lavender I spotted a humming bird hawk moth.  These are migrants from the continent in variable numbers.  Now here was a photographic challenge!  These insects move and fast.  I managed to get some shots I’m really pleased with.  The image on this page was taken with my 300mm zoom, manual focus, iso 2000, f9 and 1/1600 sec shutter speed.

Gotcha! Humming bird hawk moth, Sheringham Park

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