Horsey Wildlife

Male linnet


July 2017.  Two nice walks at Horsey.  On Sunday 16th I parked near the Nelson’s Head Pub and headed down the track to the dunes.  It was very humid and still quite sunny.  The path was alive with butterflies, countless gatekeepers, meadow browns, ringlets and golden skippers.  Plenty of dragonflies, mostly common darters.

Small skipper



Reaching the dunes I headed north towards Horsey Corner.  Here I had a sighting of an aberrant small copper of the form punctata.  This is the first I have seen, the blue spots on the hind wing making it more beautiful than usual.

sc DSC_0168a form punctata
Small copper form punctata



Spotted a dark green fritillary but the clouds were gathering, rain on it’s way, so headed for home.

Lattice heath moth


Monday 7.30am.  An earlier start weather perfect.  This time I did the walk in reverse, starting at Horsey Corner.  Hoped for a nectaring dark green fritillary and I was in luck.  Lovely butterflies but usually very active, only saw one on flowers.  They are not very common in Norfolk but there is a colony between Horsey and Winterton,  also at Burnham Overy on the north coast.

Male stonechat



Lots of linnets along the wires also a male stonechat.  Photographing birds along here is not easy as its very open.

Female common darter alights on a grass



All in two lovely walks and would recommend them to anyone visiting the area

Dark green fritillary on thistles near Horsey Corner

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