Drag Racing 2021

Dragstalgia 10    Sunday July 11th



Due to pandemic restrictions almost all the 2020 season was cancelled and so too the first six months of this year.  The FIA European season was lost (again) and travelling between countries almost impossible.  It was a great relief when lockdown was eased and some events allowed to go ahead.  Entry was restricted and tickets booked in advance.  The announcement that Dragstalgia was going to happen lifted the gloom!  Losing our European friends meant a lower than normal number of racers for this the 10th running of this much anticipated meeting, even the weather behaved!



As usual the action was fantastic.  Top of the tree was the Nostalgia Cannonball.  Raced over two days the mix of nitro and alky cars put in three runs, the two with the lowest combined times then contested the final and the next two third place and so on.  The winner was Tim Garlick in the ‘Apache’ nitro Funny Car but a great performance by runner-up Dave ‘Dopey’ Grabham in the ‘Freddy’s Revenge’ alky altered who gave the fuel teams a run for their money all weekend.



Nostalgia Super Stock, the pre-80s American v8s, had a massive forty five entrants.  Coming out top was Stuart ‘Kiwi’ Thompson in his ’71 Plymouth Duster defeating Guy King and the Williams Bros SS Chevelle.



The Outlaw Anglias were another big class.  The winner, Jedd Guy, almost became the first European to break into the six seconds in an earlier round with a 7.01.



Some more shots on the blog post,  https://blhphotoblog.wordpress.com/2021/07/12/dragstalgia-10-the-way-it-was-ish/












































33rd NSRA Hot Rod Drags    Saturday 18th September



Dragstalgia’s baby brother?  Another great meeting to see race vehicles from ‘back in the day’.  Took a trip over to see the Saturday qualifying in glorious warm, sunny weather.



Four race classes were battling it out to finish top dogs, the Outlaw Anglias, Gasser Circus, Wild Bunch and Supercharged Outlaws.  In between rounds there was a great showing in ‘Run what ya Brung’ with road cars, race cars, customs and old school hot rods which all had to be pre ’73.  A few other cars put in demo runs including the ‘Split Second’ jet dragster.



More shots on the blog post,  https://blhphotoblog.wordpress.com/2021/09/21/33rd-hot-rod-drags/































































National Finals    Sunday 26th September



The last meeting of the year where the champions of the Sportsman classes are crowned.  Despite the shortened season enough rounds were completed even if the weather was trying it’s best to spoil it!  This weekend had no such problems, a misty start but the sun soon came out and temperatures rose.  The track action was pretty hot also with titles to win but everyone trying to get the event honours.



Selected class winners.

Pro Mod    Kev Slyfield  ‘Blown Bird’

Comp Eliminator    Jordan Payne  ‘Sticky Situation Racing’

Super Comp    Leah Kellett  ‘Dolly Daydream’

Super Gas    Simon Fulton  ‘Blitzkrieg Racing’

Super Pro ET    Alan Didwell  ‘S&H Dragster’

Pro ET    Leigh Morris    ‘Green with Envy’

Street Eliminator    Andy Bond  ‘Ugly Sister’

Top Fuel Bike    Steve Woollatt  ‘The Dealer’

Super Street Bike    Steve Venables  ‘Venracing’

Funny Bike    Dave Peters  ‘Riggerboot Express’

Comp Bike    Chris Neary  ‘Hobo Racing’



Champions in these classes

Pro Mod    Kev Slyfield

Comp Eliminator    Nic Williams  ‘Williams Bros Racing’

Super comp    Leah Kellett

Super Gas    Andy Harrison  ‘Brute Force’

Super Pro ET    Barry Giles  ‘G&H Racing’

Pro ET    Lee Huxley  ‘Whitehorse’

Street Eliminator    Andy Bond

Top Fuel Bike    Steve Woollatt

Super Street Bike    Steve Venables

Funny Bike    Stuart Crane  ‘Warpspeed Racing’

Comp Bike    Louis Davis  ‘Wicked Wench’

The man and car that epitomises Dragstalgia, Al O’Connor in the latest incarnation of ‘Al’s Gasser’ Outlaw Anglia. Al started racing in the ’70’s
‘Venom’ The beautiful Camaro bodied nitro Funny Car driven by Tony Betts took third place in the Nostalgia Cannonball
Chris Manning’s ‘The Villain’. a short wheel base slingshot dragster which ran to just over 200mph
‘Super Cyclops’ Colin Fallows and the double engined Norton
‘Guzzler’ burns out across the start line. A ’56 Chevy driven by Tony Pearson in Gasser Circus
‘Rough Diamond’ is one of the original race cars from the period, driven by Dave Gibbons
Getting into the spirit of the NSRA Hot Rod Drags
Jedd Guy broke the 6 second barrier in Outlaw Anglia with a 6.97 @193mph a European first!
Justin Woolner’s crazy Rat Rod ‘Vermin’s Diner’ is street legal!
Plymouth Road Runner driven by John Davison in ‘run what ya brung’
Keith Bartlett is the owner of Santa Pod, here he is bringing his Gasser ‘Roarin’ Rat’ through the pits
‘Spirit of Le Patron’ run by Robin Reed is a nitro burning, supercharged Daimlar engined dragster of only 2500cc, it ran an amazing 6.5sec @ 209mph!
Not an ‘arty’ mono shot. This is the ‘Pro Dutch’ Pro Mod in the pits
Comp Eliminator champ Nic Williams goes skyward in the COPO Camaro
The PBR Rocket 3 Top Fuel Bike ridden by Al Smith almost made it into the 5’s
Jon Giles competing in Super Gas with the Blitzkrieg Racing Roadster
Guy King starts his burnout in his SS Chevelle
Super Street Bike winner and champ Steve Venables hurtles into the afternoon sun on another 6 second 200 mph run

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