Drag Racing 2019


April 21st

The new season gets underway with the ‘Festival of Power’.  Held over the Easter weekend in the most glorious weather.  As well as being the first round of the various sportsman classes this event also showcases other great machines.  Three Top Fuel dragsters put on a show with Liam Jones notching three 3.9, 300+ mph runs!



No fewer than eight jet cars made two runs each including a 1000ft match race between the ‘Fireforce 5’ and ‘Split Second’ dragsters.  Also the worlds quickest bike over the 1/4 mile, Eric Teboul on his rocket powered missile!




Nitro Funny Car.  –  Kevin Chapman

Pro Mod.  –  Kev Slyfield

Comp Eliminator.  –  Andy Hone

Super Pro ET.  –  Joe Kellet

Pro ET.  –  Ben Newsome

Super Gas.  –  Simon Fulton

Super Comp.  –  Leah Kellet

Junior Dragster.  –  Matthew Dowdy

Street Eliminator.  –  Joe Stevens

Wild Bunch.  –  Keith Crampton

Top Fuel Bike.  –  Steve Woollatt

Funny Bike.  –  Jiri Lukes

Super Street Bike.  –  Steve Venables

Comp Bike.  –  Louis Davis

8.50 Bike.  –  Ian Chrichlow

9.50 Bike.  –  Adam Burns

ET Bike.  –  Gary Hester

Some (as yet unofficial) records were broken.

Kevin Kent.  Nitro Funny Car ET 4.236 & speed 286.49mph

Steve Woollatt.  ACU Top Fuel Bike ET 6.062

Steve Venables.  ACU Super Street Bike ET 6.815 & speed 211.92mph

































































May 26th

Sunday qualifying.  Saturday had been glorious, I watched some of the first qualifying on the live feed before work and the times were awesome.  Come Sunday and the weather forecast was not good and unfortunately accurate.  As the Pro classes started Q3 the grey clouds rolled in on the strong head wind.  Pro Mods were almost finished when the first heavy shower fell just after noon.



The Track crew got the strip dried after about 45 mins.  The Pro Stockers went through and the Top Fuellers were lining up when the rain started again.  After another hour light spots were still falling so we called it a day and headed for home.  Qualifying was finished at 9pm!



Monday’s eliminations had one stop for rain.  I watched the first round on the ‘net before work.  Despite the weather Four Top Fuellers Qualified with 3sec 300mph runs.  In Sunday’s final Anita Makela set a new European record ET of 3.842 seconds.  In the Pro Mods ten cars were in the 5 second bracket with the number 16 ‘bump spot’ 6.299.















































July 14th

My first visit for five years to this special meeting to celebrate all things nostalgia about drag racing.  How things have changed.  When I saw the line up I knew this was not to be missed.



The unforecast morning rain soon stopped and we took in the amazing cars in the Rod & Custom show before looking around the pits.  Unlike other motor sports here you can get up real close and chat to the drivers and crews if not busy.  The bike pits had me like a kid in a sweet shop, so many classics, so many memories.  Over in the car area the jaw dropping display of part of Janne Johansson’s collection of legendary Funny Cars including the ‘Jungle Jim Vega’.



Racing got under way just before noon.  And if you think these guys and girls are going to take it easy with these classic machines forget it!  As soon as they are in stage they want to win.  Sam Freeman in his Slingshot survived an horrendous top end crash after fluid leaked on to one of his slicks.  Spinning out of control across the track he hit the car in the other lane before flipping on his side and into the wall.  The legendary bike racer John Hobbs parted company with ‘Olympus’ his 500cc blown Weslake after getting out of shape on the launch.  Everyone was ok except for a few bruises.



Who won what race didn’t bother me so there are no results here, it was just a great day to be at the Pod seeing race machines that you don’t get at normal meetings.

































September 8th

This will go down as one of if not the best meetings in European drag racing history.  With perfect weather for Saturday’s qualifying and Sunday’s eliminations the number of records and personal best times broken was unreal.  In Pro Mod three new cars ran in the 5 second bracket, two super charged cars (Jimmy Alund & Jan Ericsson) became the first ‘blown’ cars in Europe to run 5.7s.  Top Fuel e.t fell to Maja Udtian at 3.806. The world Top Fuel Bike record came within 1/100th of falling and so much more it was breathtaking!



Event Winners

Top Fuel. – Anita Makela, Finland

Top Methanol. – Monty Bugeja, Malta

Fuel Funny Car. – Kevin Kent, UK

Pro Stock. – Robin Noren, Sweden

Pro Mod. – Jan Ericsson, Sweden

Comp Eliminator. – Robin Sattler, Germany

Top Fuel Bike. – Filippos Papafilippou, Greece

Super Twin. – Marcus Christianson, Denmark

Pro Stock Bike. – Martin Newberry, UK

Super Street Bike. – Steve Venables, UK



2019 Champions

Top Fuel. – Anita Makela, Finland

Top Methanol. – Sandro Bellio, Belgium

Fuel Funny Car. – Kevin Chapman,UK

Pro Stock. – Jimmy Alund, Sweden

Pro Mod. – Jan Ericsson, Sweden

Top Fuel Bike. – Filippos Papafilippou, Greece

Super Twin. – Marcus Christianson, Denmark

Pro Stock Bike. – Fredrik Fredlund, Finland

Super Street Bike. – Steve Venables, UK


‘The Ugly Sister’ Andy Bond’s totally street legal ’56 Chevy 210, here running a 7.74 @194mph in first round of Street Eliminator
The amazing ‘Oklahoma Willy Jet Bus’ a 1958 VW pickup fitted with a Rolls-Royce Viper 535 jet for a bit of added oomph!
Top Fuel match race. Liam Jones of the UK (green car) thunders down the strip in 3.90 secs at 307mph! Maja Udtian from Norway unfortunately loses traction and smokes the tyres. You to have witnessed this spectacle, it is hard to describe the sound and smell
The ‘Voodoo Hemi’ team bring Marck Harteveld into stage for the Pro Mod final. Unfortunately Marck left a fraction too soon and pulled a red light, however a great achievement to rebuild the car after last years crash and fire
Not everything is massive! Andy Ball’s 250cc Yamaha two stroke ET bike
Winner of Wild Bunch, Keith Crampton and the ‘Soul Town Shaker’ slingshot
Blast off! Nitro Funny Car final. Kevin Kent in the ‘West Ten’ Mustang (grey car) set new ET and speed records but still lost to a ‘holeshot’ by Kevin Chapman in the ‘Thermoreg/Hass’ Mustang
Andy Hone streaks past the 1/8th mile marker on the way to winning Comp Eliminator in 7.44 secs at 184mph
A new face in Pro Mod, John Tebenham in the ex Marco Maurischat ’53 Corvette. Ran a best of 6.249
‘Another Small Fortune’ is in reality a Top Methanol dragster but runs in Super Pro ET, it has trouble in not going faster than 6 seconds!
Kevin Jenkins ‘Fraudster’ a 2 litre 4 cylinder Vauxhall engined Ford Escort running in Comp Eliminator
In the gloom between the showers Jimmy Alund of Sweden runs a 6.579 @ 210mph in his Pro Stock Camaro.  Jimmy won the class on Monday
Jonny Lagg of Sweden leaves the line in his A fuel Top Methanol dragster. In qualifying the red light does not matter
Pro Mod winner Micke Gullqvist in Q3 running a 6.00 @ 239mph
Gasser Circus 57 Ken Brookes beautiful ’57 Chevy Belair
Activity in the bike pits
The ‘Jungle Jim Vega’ and Gordie Bonin’s ‘Bubble up’ Trans Am. Two legendary Funny Cars from the States on display
‘Chi-Town Hustler’ is another famous name. New owner Paul Harris burning out as he tries to get his licence
Tony Underhill’s Supercharged Outlaw Willys Sedan ’99 Problems’
Top Methanol champ Sandro Bellio of Belgium goes for the day’s longest burnout in the final
Filippos (Fast Fil) Papafilippou from Greece came within 100th of a second of breaking the world Top Fuel Bike record in qualifying with two 5.66 runs
Martin Newberry repeated his win from last year in Pro Stock Bike
The Fuel Funny Cars burnout. Jason Phelps in ‘Gladiator’ & Kevin Chapman in the ‘Thermoreg’ Mustang
Super Street Bike runner-up Denmark’s Mogens Lund
Winner in Comp Eliminator was Robin Sattler from Germany in his 2.2 litre dragster

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