Drag Racing 2015

Keith Crampton’s wild bunch slingshot dragster ‘Soul Town Shaker’ given a retro look

The images in this portfolio are from the 2015 season at Santa Pod Raceway.

Having only just got my first dslr the shots are not as good as I now would like.  However, with some editing and special effects they are memories I can look back on.

My old mate Les Harris on ‘Tilly 111’ a Top Gas Super Twin Suzuki TL1000.




For some really beautiful artwork photography of dragsters I strongly recommend you check out this site, https://en-gb.facebook.com/GJCMotorSportsMedia/

DSC_0050 (2)
The mighty ‘Godfather V11’ Top Fuel Super Twin piloted by Ronny Aasen of Norway.
Go on green! Jon Giles launches the ‘Roar Willys’ coupe.
New tyres please! David Nicol’s Pro E.T Toyota Supra.
Nic Williams wheelies his Chevy Camaro off the line.
Top Fuel Funny Car ‘West Ten’ driven by Kevin Kent, inverted effect.
7sec 200mph standing 1/4 not bad for popping down to the shops! The totally street legal Pontiac GTO of Mark Todd.
Get ready to rumble! Round one of Top Fuel at the Euro Finals.
DSC_0005 (1)_043
DASH Racing Wild Bunch in the pits @ National Finals
And on the track, Sarah Howells in her slingshot ‘Black Pig Too’
DSC_0004 (1)_053
‘Full Tilt 33’ John Dalrymple’s 1933 Willys ran in Pro ET
Wild Bunch slingshot of Steven East



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