2017 National Finals

3 seconds later the engine went bang. Maja Udtain launches the Islanders Top Fuel dragster

24th September the last meet of  the year when the champions are crowned.  This is the first race this year I’ve been able to attend.  The weather was glorious and the track in super condition.  There were 24 race classes with star billing going to the mighty MSA Pro Mods.  Leading the field was Andy Robinson who set a new personal best of 5.91 secs at 242mph in the final to become the champion.  Great times were put down by other teams to make it a super finale.



Two Top Fuel dragsters put on a show.  From Norway the ‘Islanders’ with Maja Udtain at the wheel laid down a stunning 4.04 281mph run.  They returned late on to try for a 3 only for the engine to let go in a fireball at half-track.



The other fueller was driven by Kevin Chapman who was looking to get his license.  He was in Antti Horto’s dragster, despite not getting a good burnout ran a respectable 4.20.



Selected winners on the day.

Pro Mod.  Andy Robinson.

Super Pro ET.  Scott Hauser.

Pro ET.  Nic Williams.

Super Comp.  Stu Doignie.

Super Gas.  Tim Adam.

Wild Bunch.  Bob Hawkins.

Junior Dragster. Caitlin Wilson.

Top Fuel Bike.  Steve Woollatt.

Funny Bike.  Allan Davies.

Super Street Bike.  Rick Stubbins.

2017 champions in these classes.  Pro Mod.  Andy Robinson.  Super Pro ET.  Scott Hauser.  Pro ET.  Team Dark Horse.  Super Comp & Super Gas.  Stu Doignie.  Wild Bunch.  Team B Sting.  Junior Dragster.  Billy Everitt.  Top Fuel Bike.  Steve Woollatt.  Funny Bike.  Allan Davies.  Super Street Bike.  Rick Stubbins.



A big thanks to all the other classes I haven’t mentioned for putting on a great show!

Voodoo Hemi, Plymouth Superbird Pro Mod driven by Marck Harteveld
Big wheelies from Nic Williams the Pro ET winner
Nic Williams on the way to victory
My favorite car of the meet. Time Traveller II the slingshot dragster of Bob Hawkins in Wild Bunch. Huge smokey burnouts and 6.60 runs
Rick Stubbins put in a faultless performance to win Super Street Bike and the championship
2017 Pro Mod champ Andy Robinson lays down the rubber
Jay Roe screams down the strip to win 8.50 bike on his Suzuki GSXR
In his last season as a junior Billy Everitt finished as champion
Super Comp & Super Gas champ Stu Doignie launches his Vauxhall VX4/90



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