2016 Summer Nationals

26th of June 2016 finals day for the Summer Nationals at Santa Pod Raceway.  Usually plagued by rain today was nice and sunny.  I really enjoy these sportsman events, super close action, lots of different race classes and the awesome MSA Pro Mods that can cover the 1/4 mile in 5 seconds with speeds to 240 mph.  These are wild cars, full bodied with doors and massive engines, getting them to go in a straight line is a big challenge for the brave (crazy?) drivers, quite often they get out of shape and produce some heart stopping moments.

There are no top fuel dragsters at these meets which is probably why the crowds are quite small, strange as entrance fees are not much for a full days action and the grandstand is free!  One advantage for photographers like myself who are restricted to spectator areas is that you can move around to get better angles.

Nice to see the expansion of the E.T Bike class as this gives an equal chance of victory for smaller less powerful machines. I think it would be helpful to explain what E.T racing is, it took a while for my long suffering wife to understand!

Pro Mod winner Andy Robinson in his 69 Chevy Camaro
Pete Walters beautiful Super Pro ET dragster
Craig Lee Boulton ET Bike
Junior Dragster, for under 18s run over 1/8th mile. This is winner Shannon Kiddell
Graham Balchin on his Super Street Kawasaki ZX12
Havoc a nitro burning fuel altered of Nick Davies

Elapse Time classes allow two vehicles to compete on a handicap basis, if one driver says his car/bike will take 6 seconds to cover the 1/4 mile and the other takes 8 seconds the slower racer will get a 2 second starting advantage.  In theory both should reach the finish line together so the one who reacts to the starting lights better should win, however get there first and go quicker than you said (dial in time) you lose (break out).  If both go too quick the nearest to their dial in is the winner, simples!

It was great to see the Nostalgia Fuel Altered Havoc of Nick Davies putting on a show this nitromethane burning car brings back memories of the 70s.



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