Euro Finals ’22

Saturday 10th September.  The third day of qualifying for the final round of this years championship, the first in two years.  The previous two days were blighted by heavy showers but we were promised a dry day, don’t believe the forecasts! A few light sprinkles and late afternoon one heavy enough to cause the  track to close.  Add in a couple of engine mishaps requiring the strip to be cleaned of oil meant only one round of Pro class qualifying took place not the two as scheduled.  The meeting had a big attendance and for the first time I could not get my usual (or any) grandstand seat!  I watched from the banking which stretches the quarter mile.  Photography was trickier.  The lighting was rather flat and clear shots difficult with the pro photogs along the wall and tv gantry to my right.  More shots than usual hit the delete button.

Top Methanol produced a real ‘blast from the past’ as Sweden’s Tony Bryntesson (blue car) made his first run at Santa Pod in 30 years. Here he is up against team mate Jonny Lagg in their ‘A Fuel’ nitro injected dragsters
Top Fuel bikes are awesome 1500+ bhp beasts capable of 5.6 second 250mph runs. This is Rene Van Den Berg of the Netherlands on his ‘Shark Attack’ Yamaha 1200
Though not actually street legal the Super Street Bikes are insanely quick with times of 6.6 seconds and speeds over 220mph! Here is Steve Woods on ‘Street Lightning’ getting, well, a bit light

The performances on display were top quality.  In his final meeting before retirement the crazy Frenchman Eric Teboul set a new world record on his rocket bike with a time of 5.06 seconds at 263 mph.  On Sunday he lowered this to 4.97 @290mph!  The fastest man on two wheels over the quarter mile in the world.  There was a side by side 5 second Top Fuel Bike race and a European Super Street Bike side by side record run of 6.7 220+mph by Steve Venables and Hungary’s Daniel Lencses.  Add in a clutch of 5 second Pro Mods and a 305 mph 3.8 second Top Fuel Dragster run all great entertainment.

Nitro flames from the headers of the beautiful ‘Gladiator’ Fuel Funny Car driven by Jason Phelps who won the event
Top of the Sportsman classes is Super Pro ET which pits a wide variety of different types of race cars against each other that run between 6 and 8.99 seconds. The teams must state how quick they will run (ET) and not go quicker but reach the stripe first. The slower vehicle has a handicap start. Here is Mark Coulsell in the ‘Ballbreaker’ slingshot dragster v Ron Bartlett and the ‘Sweet FA’ Ford Anglia


Thursday the 8th was a very sad day for our Country with the passing of our Queen.  A lot of sporting events were cancelled as a mark of respect.  It was decided that the racing should continue but other on site entertainment called off.  To make the weekend even more sombre one of our sports long serving and well respected racers, Jon Morton, suffered a fatal heart attack in the pits.  I decided to attend at the last minute.  Before the professional classes started there was a two minute silence and a playing of the national anthem.  There is a phrase ‘you could hear a pin drop’ and literally you could.  It was a very moving moment and I felt so proud to be part of the drag racing family that, despite whatever views are held, could show such respect.

RIP Your Majesty    RIP Jon

15 thoughts on “Euro Finals ’22

  1. That Ford Anglia is super cool no matter how fast it goes. The fastest I’ve gone on a motorcycle and and a car is 150 mph. Our Mazdaspeed 3 is governed at 150 mph. My motorcycle was not governed, but 150 on a moto is and feels really fast. The fastest I’ve gone on a bicycle riding downhill with a tailwind and drafting of a tracker-trailer rig is 70 mph. It’s pretty scary going really fast on two shinny wheels. I thought if I crash, I’m toast. Great photos. Looks like a fun day despite the rain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Anglia is quick, an 8 second car.
      We can’t control the weather but showers spoil the continuity. These vehicles can not run on a track with the slightest hint of moisture on it, the consequences would be dire, so everything stops whilst the track team dry it out.
      Thanks for taking time out to have a look.

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  2. Still amazes me every time I see your dragster posts B! You think I’m crazy.. this is whole different level for sure. I have my limits – strapping myself to a rocket is well beyond those ha. Condolences on the Queen. We are somewhat distant from that hierarchy over here, but know it is dear to those across the pond.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes most Brits loved the Queen even if some of the other members of the Royal family are not quite so popular. But like all families there are bad’uns among them. Must say I did shed a tear or two watching the funeral.

      Go on B strap yourself to that rocket bike (I think it’s up for sale) I will pay good money to watch! 😟😧😳😱

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