Strolling into September

Autumn is on it’s way.  The year is slipping by.  Day after day, week after week of heat, humidity and drought is slowly coming to an end.  We have finally had a little rain, not much, just enough to settle the dust.  This morning was that cool I had to put on a cardigan!  The last couple of weeks we have decided to reprieve our walks that were such a feature of the covid lockdown.  Sadly one of my favourites, by the old canal, has been blocked by the landowner who had received abuse when asking dog walkers to control their pets.  The minority spoiling it for all.  Still, there is plenty to see at this time of the year as a different suit of species take front of stage.

With the flowering of the Ivy comes the Ivy Bees (Colletes hederae), really cute little mining bees
I mentioned in my last post Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum) romance, here it is in action at Hickling Broad
Just hanging around. One of the largest UK dragonflies is the Southern Hawker (Aeshna cyanae). This is a beautiful male
The most numerous of the butterflies encountered on the walks has been the Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria) which likes shady areas
Sometimes you capture a shot you are really pleased with. A female Common Darter on dead Bracken, simple muted colours of Autumn

33 thoughts on “Strolling into September

  1. The only way we can tell autumn is getting closer here in sub-tropical Florida is that the thunderstorms have changed to a morning schedule! Heat and humidity still abound.

    Outstanding photographs, Brian!

    That Southern Hawker is really special. Your portrait of the Common Darner at the end is very pleasing in composition and color scheme.

    A new weekend is almost here! Hope we both find new adventures.

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      1. Our deepest condolences on the passing of The Queen. She represents a very significant chapter in the history of The United Kingdom and the world.

        “Normal” shall be on pause for a while.

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  2. You have every right to be very pleased with these images, Brian!
    Nice to be able to take a stroll and have your camera at hand to take pictures like these. Not everywhere is safe enough to do that, and a pity that your options were further curtailed by pet owners who have a lack of common decency.

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    1. Hi Dries, thanks for the visit.
      The canal walk is going to be closed for at least 2 months. It makes me angry that people disrespect others property and let their animals scare the wildlife. To be abusive when told by the landowner is just wrong and he has every right to take that action.

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  3. Fantastic photos, Brian, and much enjoyed. Dragonflies and bees and little butterflies are so fast, we don’t get a chance to see this kind of detail out in the field, so it’s great to ponder their beauty with your photos.

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