Grrrrrr 🤬

Hi folks.  I would love to put out a new post with piccies of all the wonderful things I’ve seen lately.  Sadly I am unable to upload any images!  The files get about 20% of the way then I get a server error message.  Hopefully my ‘Happiness Engineer’ can help sort this, up to now the suggested remedies bring the same result.  ‘Till then you will have to use your imaginations.  Watch this space………..

Regards B

9 thoughts on “Grrrrrr 🤬

  1. In my imagination, butterflies and odes are flitting and buzzing across the land. What’s that I hear in the distance? The roar of a dragster being tuned for the next race.

    Our technical world is wondrous until it isn’t. Been there. Was going to send you an electronic Sympathy Card – however …..

    Smile! This, too, shall pass.

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  2. Did you look at the amount of used webspace ? If you have a free account it is limited to 3 GB (and only 1 GB for NEW free accounts)
    Check under menu “Media” for free accounts.

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  3. For what it’s worth, I’ve always had pretty good results with the ‘happiness engineers’–even if it’s a dumb name. Good luck, hope all the tech stuff works out. Grrrrr is right!

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  4. Ugh, the spirits in the machine at it again – best of luck on that..I’ve mentioned before I run all my images off of SmugMug and only reference the images as hrefs from WordPress. Unfortunately carries an additional annual cost, but never have to worry about running out of space or having upload issues.


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