National Finals ’21

Sept 26th.

Been a bit lazy posting anything on my blog this past month.  Truth is, this, the last drag race of the season, was the last time I have gotten my camera out!  Yep, it’s sitting there in it’s bag besides my armchair crying out to see the light of day.  It’s all down to motivation and inspiration, at the moment something I am completely lacking.

The National Finals, after a misty start, was held in lovely warm, sunny weather.  With several titles still up for grabs action was going to be intense.  The other competitors were not coming along just to make up numbers, no they wanted to win the races and maybe cause an upset and in a few classes that’s what happened.  With these shots I wanted to get something a little bit different, maybe the angle, maybe the light.

Not an ‘arty’ mono shot. This is the ‘Pro Dutch’ Pro Mod in the pits
Comp Eliminator champ Nic Williams goes skyward in the COPO Camaro
The PBR Rocket 3 Top Fuel Bike ridden by Al Smith almost made it into the 5’s. The distortion above the rear of the bike is the nitro flames from the exhaust
Jon Giles competing in Pro ET with the Blitzkrieg Racing Roadster
Guy King starts his burnout in his SS Chevelle. Lucky to get this shot. It’s taken through the fence behind the pairing lanes, usually there are a lot of cars or people blocking the view
Super Street Bike winner and champ Steve Venables hurtles into the afternoon sun on another 6 second 200 mph run

And here endeth a very short, pandemic wrecked, season.  As I made my way home on the two hour drive I couldn’t but help feeling slightly sad and empty.  Summer’s over, just the cold and wet to look forward to.

32 thoughts on “National Finals ’21

  1. I have been watching the BBC this last week and you guys have really been hit by some nasty weather! I don’t blame you one bit to stay at home guarding your camera equipment. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t produced much recently either.😊

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    1. It’s all gone a bit wet and windy CJ. One day last week was forecast to be good so I was really looking forward to getting out and seeing if I could find a late dragon or two, turned out grey and windy! Typical, makes me more depressed.

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      1. I hear you on that one!!! One day a week here it seems the sun peeks from behind the clouds and that just isn’t enough for me! We have scheduled a Spain vacation for early December but Tuesday the government here will announce changes in our COVID rules. Rumor is back to masks and social distancing.Awwww!!!! 2 million unvaccinated people here are keeping the 15 million hostage. Enough to depress anyone. Best wishes in the coming days there on your side of the channel.

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      2. I will have to keep an eye on your government announcement CJ. We have booked to spend xmas in Berlin with the Lemming and this time flying from our local airport and change at Sciphol with KLM. Hopefully, as we are just in transit, there won’t be too many rule changes as there are lots we have to get our heads around already!

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  2. Keep your head up, think of all the Dragons that can’t wait to spend the next summer in your pond. Probably ingrained in us from the moment we an walk in the States, but the SS’s are alway dear in our hearts. The one you shot is assuredly kicked up from the ones we used to cruise in – ahhh, the memories.

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  3. I know your frustration when racing season is over. Tomorrow here in Martinsville Virginia we host a key NASCAR race that has major implications on which car/driver will win the 2021 championship. I unfortunately can’t attend, but I’ll be there in spirit, and afterwards sad to see the crowd leave. But, there is always next year’s Spring race, assuming no more Covid surges. Cheers!

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    1. Sorry you have to miss the big race Michael. Yes, let’s hope next season things will run smoother and the covid situation is under control, I’m really looking forward to a return of the big European events which have been cancelled these past two years.

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  4. I know the feeling of setting my camera aside and who cares anyway. However I’ve recently perked up again photographicly, b/c it’s just fun. Great shots you’ve got here Brian. You have mastered “panning” technique. My favourites are the 2 bikers!

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    1. Thanks for the comment Michael. Yes the camera will come out again at some point not sure when.
      The panning can still be a bit hit or miss. When I get it right the shots look great, thankfully with digi I just delete the blurry ones!

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      1. Haha – I love digital! So much you can do with editing and I delete a lot! I remember when every shot I took on Kodachrome costs me 50 cents each! Although, I’m glad to have that experience which helped me discipline my composition skills. Also did weddings for a while – but too stressfull with equipment failures and never knowing if you really got the right shots until I got my prints back.

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    1. My panning skills are pretty average Deborah, you don’t see the rubbish I delete 😉 but thanks for the ego boost!
      Must be something in the air (winter coming?) that’s keeping the cameras under wraps.
      Have a great week.

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  5. While not my ‘thing’, your shots are excellent as usual.
    Know that empty feeling. Even down here in the sunshine I reckon we are all so worn down with the pandemic it’s sometimes tough to imagine when we will come out of it.
    Ems was due to fly to Europe on the 16th – all bought and paid for too – and that has just been blown out the window!

    What can we do, Mister B? Tis life.

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    1. Thanks Ark. No, not the sort of post for everyone but thanks for taking a peek.
      This pandemic thing is a fast moving situation, there is still a chance that the travel bans could be lifted before the 16th so tell the little ‘un not to give up hope. Today it was announced this new ‘SA’ variant has been in Europe before your scientists discovered it!
      We have booked a week at xmas to Berlin to be with the sproglet. At the moment we have not a clue what tests/ restrictions we will face or even if we will be allowed to go. It is somewhat stressful.

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      1. A friend of a rep told us that her daughter’s boyfriend, supposedly over here for Xmas, hightailed it back almost immediately upon the imminent threat of closure only to touch down in Frankfurt and be diagnosed as positive. His symptoms worsened and he was hospitalised in Germany.
        Now you tell me this variant has been found to have already been in Europe it all makes sense.


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