Monuments, Mementos, Memorials.

In the middle of Berlin’s Tiergarten, in the centre of the Grosser Stern roundabout, on the main east-west Strasse des 17 Juni leading to the Brandenburg Gate stands the impressive Victory Column.  Originally erected outside the Reichstag in 1873 to commemorate Prussian victories it was moved to this spot in 1938.  The 8.3 metre (27ft) high bronze statue of the Roman Goddess Viktoria weighs in at a massive 35 tonnes!

Victory Column, Berlin

Berlin was divided in 1961 by at first a barbed wire barrier then later by a more sophisticated double wall.  The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and most has now been cleared away.  Likewise the command centres/watch towers were destroyed.  Of the 302 built only a handful survive and one can be seen in Alt-Treptow.

Grim reminder of a divided city

I mentioned in my last post Teufelsberg the hill constructed from the rubble of a destroyed Berlin.  80 metres (260ft) high it was used in the ‘cold war’ as an American listening station.  Normally the public are allowed inside the ruins, sadly when we visited a film was being shot and security refused entry.

On top of the Teufelsberg

Treptower Park has one of the three Soviet War Memorials in Berlin.  A very impressive sight but sobering to think it is the final resting place of 7,000 soldiers.  It is still undergoing restoration but one thing struck me is that it is free from graffiti, unlike the rest of the city.  Obviously, despite the history, there is great respect for this memorial and I find that very pleasing.

One half of the entrance to the Treptow Memorial


The 12 metre (40ft) statue commemorates the deeds of Sergeant Nikolai Masalov who risked his life, under heavy fire, to rescue a 3 year old German girl in the final stages of the battle of Berlin


19 thoughts on “Monuments, Mementos, Memorials.

  1. Those are some fabulous shots there B! The initial B&W treatment seem quite fitting for the dark times many of those places originated out of. I have noticed a lot of graffiti in various images I’ve seen of Germany (again, never had the chance to get there even with the numerous corporate projects involving that country over the years) – didn’t know if that was just isolated cases or whether that was as prevalent as it seems.

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    1. Cheers B!
      Berlin is a somewhat ‘colourful’ city, hardly a wall is spared! Some are very artistic works to be fair, property owners even pay to have their walls decorated to deter the rubbish graffiti artists.

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  2. Thanks for your text with all the info and for your pictures, especially the picture of the Siegessäule. The B&W photo with Victoria in gold is very effective.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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