Postcard from Berlin

After nearly two years we have finally made a return to the German capital Berlin to see our daughter the ‘Lemming’ along with partner Rob and their beautiful little rescue dog ‘Chilli’.  The pandemic and ‘Brexit’ has made travelling difficult.  No longer can you just buy a ticket and jump on a plane, so many forms to fill out and tests to take.  Never mind, we made it.

Here are a few shots from the same area, the Oberbaumbrucke.  Built in 1896 to replace the wooden original. The bridge spans the River Spree linking the once separate districts of Friedrichshain, which was in the post-war East Berlin, and Kreuzberg in the west.  It was reconstructed in 1994 after suffering a lot of demolition in the ‘iron curtain’ days.  The top deck carries the U-Bahn (subway).

Entering Friedrichshain under the U-Bahn. Nikon D5300, Nikkor vr 18-140mm @45mm, iso250, f11, 1/60s
Cityscape. The white wall in the centre is the largest surviving section of the the infamous Berlin Wall, now the East Side Gallery. Nikkor 18-140mm @52mm, iso400, f14, 1/400s
Blue Hour. Nikkor 18-140mm @42mm, iso800, f10, 1/2.5s
Sunset. The Fernsehturm (old DDR tv tower) is a prominent feature of the Berlin skyline. Nikkor 18-140mm @35mm, iso200, f8, 1/10
Victory Column, Berlin

13 thoughts on “Postcard from Berlin

    1. Hi Rob. It was a great week with beautiful weather (half a day of thunderstorms) ideal for some one with ir cameras!
      You need a bit more than a passport now though, add in passenger locator forms, covid vaccine pass, covid tests and a lot of faffing around. Well worth it to be with the daughter again!
      Glad you like these few shots, not my usual subject but fun to do. Take care. B

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  1. Glad to hear your trip went well beyond the extra grief to get in and out. Never been to Germany myself (although it is technically my motherland). Maybe someday, for now I just have to rely on shots like yours – really like the blue hour shot – kind of has a calming effect. I know it has been awhile since seeing the Lemming so I am sure that felt good.

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    1. Brilliant to see our daughter B, beyond words!
      Glad you like these shots, I have a variety of nature images but restricted myself to taking just one all-purpose lens so quality not so great.


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