Summer Slips By

Midway through August already, where has the year gone?  Soon we will be into autumn and my attention will be on different subjects.  Gone will be the butterflies and dragonflies.  Let’s face it, this year has been a very ‘mixed bag’, spring never got going and we have only had brief periods of real summer yet around the world others have literally baked and burned.  Here are a few shots from recent weeks.

Summer is the time for brown butterflies. I do like this family, the Satyridae, you have to get close to see the beauty. This is a Small Heath (Coenonympha pamphilius)
The Large Skipper (Ochlodes sylvanus) is not really that large, only an inch and a quarter across
Late summer is the time for the Gatekeepers (Pyronia tithonus), they love bramble flowers
The second brood of Holly Blues (Celastrina argiolus) have been flitting aimlessly around the garden, nice to see one on a flower
The Southern Hawkers (Aeshna cyanea) visit the garden. This female stuffed it’s face with flying ants (look closely, one is still in it’s mouth) and rested here under the Mahonia bush
Flower photography is not my strong point. This is one of my Water Lilies, it was ‘rescued’ (with the owners permission) from an old water tank in the garden of a derelict cottage

Finally, after nearly two years, we are off to Berlin in a couple of weeks to see the ‘Lemming’, fingers crossed everything goes ok as booking flights has been rather traumatic and there are so many ‘hoops’ to leap through to enter Germany and return.  Have a great weekend everyone!

50 thoughts on “Summer Slips By

  1. Beautiful photos, Brian. I’m impressed with the shots of the smaller skippers, they’re so quick and (for me, anyhow) hard to get. That lily looks like one that I grow in my pond, a ‘Colorado’–do you know the name of yours?

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    1. Thanks Deborah. Everything is booked but we have a lot of forms to fill out just before we leave. We have already had to change airlines once due to them moving the flight to an airport nearly 100 miles further from the original, here’s hoping for no more drama!

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      1. I know it is crazy! We are experiencing the same. I have a flight in September and already have had a flight change. But our issue is more about how one sided some of the restrictions are in one country with no coordination at leadership levels between countries to streamline requirements. Best of luck in getting it worked out so you can visit your family.

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  2. Those oranges are really rich and deep – reminds me that Halloween is approaching fast and I need to get home so I can start working on this year’s haunted trail. I too cannot believe how far we are into this year – guess on a one front it means we are putting more of this pandemic past us. Word has it Ron will be out traveling this weekend for a rare dragon (and a rare bird of course). He promises to post if he tins it!

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  3. You are so right about the year going by so quickly!

    The photographs of the skippers are really terrific! I know from experience how challenging it can be to chase those small quick fliers around hoping they will perch for a moment.

    What a beauty is the Southern Hawker!

    In another life, I used to visit Berlin regularly. Have a great visit!

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  4. Lovely Pics. Have seen very few skippers and blues this year. Not a great one generally – certainly not for butterflies. Not many tomatoes either and of those that have formed quite a few have been rotting before they’ve ripened – could hardly give them away last year. Still hoping for that Indian summer…

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    1. Amazing, seems only a couple of weeks ago you were freezing your nads off! Your winters must be quite short, you even had that beautiful butterfly the other day.
      With the Hawker I had to use flash and that really made the colours stand out.
      Thanks for dropping by.

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      1. I seem not to be getting email alerts and always pitch up like a Johnny come lately. Perhaps I’m just missing them? I’ll have to check more thoroughly.
        Please don’t think I visit as an after-thought.

        Winter is pretty short all things considered.
        I’m already hauling out the T shirts. I even put on sun block on Tuesday while out in the garden.

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      2. Jealous? No, no, no……yes. Mind you some parts of the world have had too much ‘summer’, the sign of things to come? Here in Norfolk not so much.
        I never get emails, just rely on what pops up on the wp reader, so, like now, when I’ve got me paws up I have a scroll through to see what everybody’s up to. I did read on someone’s blog that ‘followers’ have been ‘lost’ when in fact they haven’t, just not getting notified.
        Anyways have a great weekend, we are counting down the days ’till Berlin.

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