Dragstalgia 10. The way it was (ish)

At last a chance to get over to Santa Pod Raceway the home of European drag racing since 1966.  Built on what was the former USAAF base, home of the 92nd bomb group, the track has improved immensely but still retains the charm.  To re-live the ‘old days’ for the last ten years the Pod has held a meeting called ‘Dragstalgia’ where the vehicles racing are either originals from the time or modern reproductions.

Why ‘ish’?  Well due to this pandemic things are not yet back to normal.  The tickets had to be booked in advance as the crowd capacity is very restricted.  Sadly as things stand we can no longer be treated to seeing competitors from across Europe who would have made the event even more memorable.  Enough waffle, let me show you a variety of the classic machines that gave us a great day out.  I guess this post will not be eveybody’s thing but hey I have been spoiling you with the wildlife and there is a clue in the blogs name!

Cannonball.  The fastest cars on show.  Nitromethane or methanol, three rounds of racing over two days the two cars with the lowest combined times contest the final.

Chris Manning’s ‘The Villain’. a short wheel base slingshot dragster which ran to just over 200mph  A sad postscript I learned after I left the meeting that this car was badly damaged in a demo run.  The driver is ok but the dragster is un-repairable   c
‘Venom’ The beautiful Camaro bodied nitro Funny Car driven by Tony Betts  c

Supercharged Outlaws  A real mixture of dragsters, altereds even street legal cars.  They must run quicker than 9.90 seconds over the quarter mile.

Roy Wilding with ‘Chariots of Fire’  sco

The Wild Bunch  Again dragsters, altereds and funny cars.  These are a real taste of the early days.  They race on a handicap basis so the slower vehicle has a head start.

‘Rough Diamond’ is one of the original race cars from the period, driven by Dave Gibbons  wb

Outlaw Anglia  Ford Pop, Anglia, Prefect or Fordson vans fitted with big v8 powerplants.

Jedd Guy ran a new record for the class of 7.01 secs. Underneath that body is a motor of 12,044cc injected with nitrous oxide  oa

Nostalgia Super Stock  Pre 1980 American v8s raced on a handicap (what we call dial in).  There were 45 entries!

Guy King’s SS Chevelle  nss

Willys Wars  1933 to 42 Willys coupes, sedans or pickups  race for fun and ‘bragging rights’.

‘Redneck Gasser’ of Dave Hinson  ww

Gasser Circus  Nose high throwbacks to a popular class in ’60s America.  They run on ordinary pump fuel.

‘Guzzler’ burns out across the start line. A ’56 Chevy driven by Tony Pearson  gc

Old School Stockers  Classic Pro Stock bikes of the ’70’s based on wickedly fast Japanese machines of the time.

A Kawasaki H2 750cc two stroke triple ridden by Rod Spry  oss

NSA Bike Shootout  Famous bikes brought out to play!  Not quite as quick as they once were but a joy to see.

Gary Norman on his fathers bike ‘Conquest 2’ two 750cc Norton engines  nsa

20 thoughts on “Dragstalgia 10. The way it was (ish)

    1. It’s great to be able to see a race meeting live again Deborah, good job I got those tickets. From next week restrictions are being lifted so it will be easy to go to events like this. However after 18 months it will seem very strange and cases are rocketing again over here, even fully jabbed Mrs H and myself are a bit cautious.

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      1. We are told you can still get it even if double jabbed, but not so seriously. What we want now is for travel to open up so we can get to Germany to see the little one, It’s been nearly two years 😥

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Awesome. Being stateside, I’m a big fan of SS’ Chevelles and spent many a night watching them cruising slowly down the one-ways (our strip) – proud owners were not too keen on letting them rip on the local streets – would have been great to see that one stopped in action. Glad you were able to get out there and smell the rubber. (and yes, I’m still alive!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great you made it through the weekend B (not commenting from beyond the grave!) Look forward to reading how it went, hopefully all good?
      That Chevelle is one of the top in it’s class and made it through 45 cars to be runner-up in the final. When it leaves the line it pulls big wheelstands and runs the 1/4 in around 10 secs at 130mph, not sure your local Rodders have that amount of power!

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    1. That’s a great piece of film Rubens, thanks for posting it!
      Yes, drag racing over here has a very loyal and fanatical following. We get big crowds like in your video, fortunately we are close to the strip but don’t have those big fences in the way! This means I can get really clear shots from a low angle, no chance of a track side pass but I’m happy with the results.
      Nice to see several VWs in the video, there are several classes for them here and the pro class has some wickedly fast cars. There is even a nitro nostalgia Beetle Funny Car!

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