Orange & Blue

Last week had a look at Wiveton Downs up by the north coast.  A bit chilly with the breeze off the sea but ok in sheltered spots.  Slightly early for some of the new season butterflies, in fact I only saw three species though one was a first for the year.  This April sets a 60 year record for the most frosts!  It’s also been very dry a trend set to continue into May.

Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines) getting stuck into a bluebell
Sometimes it’s easier to approach lunch upside down
The new one for the year, Speckled Wood (Pararge aegaria). These are quite feisty and territorial. Males will spiral away kicking lumps out of each other but always return to the same leaf or twig ready for the next fight

27 thoughts on “Orange & Blue

  1. I was thinking of you yesterday and still admire your patience at photographing these creatures! You can look at my site today to see my miserable attempt at one yesterday. Of course I was only using my phone camera not the best for capturing creatures big or small.😂 I think we are also heading into a very long dry spell.

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    1. Good job you mentioned your new post CJ, it’s only just appeared in my wp reader and wasn’t there yesterday and it’s below my entry! As for photographing these two, I was kneeling on stinging nettles for quite sometime (not for the first time either) and trying not to move!
      This spring weather is not good in this part of the Country, further west and it’s been so much better.

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      1. Kneeling in nettles! That is a passionate photographer!!! I saw more types of butterflies yesterday than I have for awhile. I think the wooded area I hiked must be a nice area. I will have to check it out later this summer and see. Just one more thing on my list long “to do” list. Thanks for dropping in.

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    1. Thank you! The Speckled Wood is the only UK butterfly that inhabits shaded woodland (hence the name) later in the year when the trees are in full leaf they can be found where just a small pool of light reaches the ground.

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