More Spring Butterflies

Took a drive over to Foxley Wood this morning.  My first visit for a couple of years and the furthest I’ve been this year thanks to lockdown.  It was a cool start but unbroken sun and this was enough to stir a few butterflies into action.  Cold weather forecast for later this week so it’s still stop/start.

Several Brimstones were patrolling the woodland rides and were civil enough to stop and nectar on dandelions allowing me the chance to photograph them.

Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamani)
Large White (Pieris brassicae)

A couple of Orange Tips passed through, not stopping, but a larger white butterfly caught my eye.  It was a female Large White and had probably only emerged from it’s chrysalis this morning.

Peacocks (Aglais io) aplenty
Comma (Polygonia c-album) one of the hibernators to emerge

Back home and Mrs H was quite excited to show me something in the garden.  There was a newly emerged female Holly Blue on the patio.  We put her in a flower container to keep her out of the way.  Sad to say after a few hours the wings were still not fully inflated.  Such is nature but I’m sure there will be many more.

Holly Blue (Celastrina argiolus). Newly emerged but failed to inflate it’s wings

39 thoughts on “More Spring Butterflies

  1. Lovely images Brian!
    After a couple of false starts and a few snow showers the butterfly season is now well underway here as well, with about the first 10 species being seen locally. Green Hairstreaks on Saturday with an early Small Copper!

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    1. Thanks Pete. I had a problem uploading the images full size but I’ve got it sorted so there is better detail on them now.
      Glad you’re having a good time with the newly emerged butters, just can’t get shot of this cold northerly breeze down here so everything is very slow generally.

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  2. We are still waiting for some warmer days. Two weeks ago we had very tough weather, about 25cm of snow. Spring is in the air and we hope for a good butterfly season. Enjoyed your beautiful Butterfly captures!

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    1. Or will we?…..With all this squit about a European super league who knows what the future of domestic football will look like. It was nice to see (figuratively speaking) the Yellows get promotion even though we got hammered last time out but down to 10 men after 15mins it never was going to end well!
      Onwards and upwards, maybe.

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  3. Lovely butterfly photos, as always. We weather has us sitting on our porch watching our bird spa. I feel another blog burning the pages soon.😂😂 Enjoy the weather while you can as it seems it is a bit undecided recently, at least on our side of the small pond.

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  4. Finally got enough connectivity on the road to check out the latest post. Wonderful butter shots. We may have the better warblers.. but you definitely have the better collection of those more fragile winged ones. Ron and I were thinking of you today and managed to get a few butter shots of our own – will have to share when we get back!

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    1. Looking forward to that B, perhaps Ron might even do his own post? Look at that flying pig!
      Interested to know where you are (must be top secret!) have a great time cut off from modern technology and thanks for dropping by.

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      1. I’m definitely working on Ron and his blogging – he has gone at least +12 for the trip so he has plenty of material (I’m around +13 or 15 depending on how some followup research goes. We managed to hit a fallout which brought check after check on the warbler front. I usually keep the exact destination on the down-low until we safely make it back home.

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      1. Well here it is burning hot. Luckily a bunch of large cabbage whites have emerged in my house along with a common castor, a pair of common gulls, a plain tiger and a whole lot of blues

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