Bird on a Wire

Hmmm sounds like a 90’s film title.  Don’t remember seeing it though, I’m not a great movie fan I lack the attention span to get involved with over two hours of action.  No, my film viewing is limited to the likes of ‘Finding Nemo’ or the ‘Ice Age’ series.  I digress.  This week Lisa has set the bird photo challenge to shots of our feathered friends on fences or wires.

So taking advantage of our extended lockdown and disgusting British winter weather I trawled through the dusty files to unearth these frames.

Female Linnet (Carduelis cannabina)

Out of the breeding season Linnets will form big flocks in search of seeds, often mixing with other species.  Come spring and the male has a dapper deep pink flush to his breast and head to woo the ladies.

Male Linnet
Male Stonechat (Saxicola torquata)

The Stonechat gets it’s name from the sound of it’s alarm call which is like two stones being struck together.  They can be found on heathland and coastal dunes.  If you think the wire in the above three shots looks similar you are right, all were taken on the same morning along the same field.

Female Stonechat with lunch

Don’t forget to visit Lisa’s blog and if you have any suitable images why not join in.

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Birds on a Wire or a Fence

47 thoughts on “Bird on a Wire

  1. What a great day of birding you had on this particular day! Thank you for adding the tidbits on these birds. I looked up the Linnet because I thought it looked like a finch. Sure enough it is. I bet they would come to my feeder if I had them here.
    Awesome capture of the Stonechat. I love capturing birds when they have food in their beaks. 🙂

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    1. Funny thing Lisa the Linnet is the one finch that I’ve never known to come to bird feeders. In our old place Linnets would be in nearby stubble and hay fields but in 30 years never had one in the garden!

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  2. Finally back home and just getting settled back in (a bit tired ha). Hope to get on these challenges soon. In the meantime thanks for sharing very interesting birds – that Stonechat is a mighty dapper and looks ready to go to the big gala. Oh, and can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been snapping a bird from the side and then get startled when it turns to the camera – they can go from cute to downright scary/intimidating with one quick movement.

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  3. Great photographs to enjoy with my cuppa this morning!

    Ms. Stonechat, the rock star with the bug! Lucky or not, appealing image.

    We often wonder how birds got along before we humans went around erecting support poles and wires all over the planet upon which they can perch?

    A Brand New Week is here!

    Have fun! We will.

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