Late Autumn

October was generally wet and windy.  I believe I’m right in saying it rained at some point every day here in Norfolk.  Into November and things have brightened up a bit.  On the 7th it was sunny, 15c and the lightest of breezes.  We are again in lockdown but allowed to exercise so a four hour walk exploring the countryside to the west of the town seemed like a good idea.

Field of silk

A footpath took us across two stubble fields heading into the low late autumn sun.  The whole fields shimmered silver as if covered in water.  Acres upon acres were draped in countless millions of silk threads left by tiny spiders.

Seed heads and silk
Rust in Peace

Farmyards are strange places, there always seems to be an area where old machinery is abandoned and left to rust away.  Perhaps the thought was “I’ll get round to fixing that one day” but the day never arrived.  This tractor still looked in reasonable condition but just to the right other vehicles were being swamped by nature and slowly eroding.


Always a joy to see wildflowers at this time of the year and some should not be in bloom according to the books.  Tell that to this delightful flax (Linum utisatissimum?)  We also saw bramble in flower when by now the blackberries are finished.


I kept my eyes open for any interesting insect sightings the warmth may have brought out.  One butterfly was seen, a Peacock sunning itself on ivy.  The ivy when in full sun was very attractive to wasps seeking nectar and I also noticed a couple of large hoverflies that resembled honey bees, these were Eristalis pertinax or the Tapered Dronefly.  Perhaps I should have taken my macro lens along.

20 thoughts on “Late Autumn

  1. I love the “spider web tableau”! It’s boggles my mind to think about how many spiders are active while we sleep.

    Flowers blooming when they shouldn’t be. I think that defines why we return to nature so often. There are always surprises.

    Your exercise period has hopefully had some restorative powers, both for the body as well as the spirit.

    Take good care, Brian, and thank you for sharing some beauty with us all.

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    1. Thanks for the nice comment Wally. It’s good to get out and see some new countryside especially as the weather was very clement.
      My photo of the mass of spider silk really didn’t do the sight justice, it was incredible, how many? millions upon millions and this was just one area, the mind boggles!

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  2. Great images Brian, all very special in different ways. Seed heads and silk and The blue flower is wonderful while Rust in Peace is both fun but at the same time a bit sad. Sooner or later, we will all rest in peace, or rust.. 😏

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    1. Thank you Anita. I like the old tractor shot, so many of these old machines are left neglected, farmers are a strange breed!
      The flower was wonderful to see (it was not alone) but I couldn’t capture it’s true beauty, I’m not very good at flower photography unlike yourself!

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  3. Amazing the strange year we have had along side nature. This November I am seeing flowers in bloom that we never see in bloom at this time. Have I missed them in years past? Does the fact that I make it even more of an issue when I am released from my locked doors to really “see” what is there? Great pictures as always. If winter ever gets here to windmill country I might have more time to read blogs again. Until then stay safe.

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    1. Hi CJ. I think there probably always has been flowers that don’t read the books and flower at odd times however they do seem more noticeable in recent years and I guess it’s our old friend global warming at play. It’s been a good few years since we have had a ‘proper’ winter in my part of the UK, yes we get a day or two of snow and a few frosts but nothing like what I remembered as a kid.
      Keep well.

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  4. Sounds like you had a nice day out in the field! We are perfect one day in the high 60’s(F) and the next in the high 30s(F) which drives me absolutely nuts trying to plan out the training runs and field time – thanks for sharing the pics – especially like the B&W as it has a bit of a relaxing feel to it contrasted with the craziness that surrounds us. Hang in there B!

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