NOT the Euro Finals

Time for a well earned rest from house renovations and garden clearance.  With the whole year pretty much ruined it was exciting news when Santa Pod Raceway announced they were going to run an event with spectator entry limited and on pre-booked tickets only.  I got ours as soon as they went on sale and although there was a slight ‘back of the mind’ concern about mixing with crowds it couldn’t be any worse than working in a supermarket!  Anyway it was brilliantly organised and with wall to wall sunshine we had a fantastic day out

Great to be back! A wide angle view from our grandstand seats as the 10,000 bhp, 300mph Top Fuel dragsters of Antti Horto (red car) and Susanne Callin get ready to back up to the line after their burnouts.
Elaine Hancock warms the tyres on her new ride ‘Lethal Zephyr’ in Comp Eliminator
The ‘Split Second’ jet dragster piloted by Julian Webb
A lot of preparation is needed to run the race cars especially those using nitromethane. After every run the engine is stripped and rebuilt in about 2 hours! This is ‘Nitro Bug’
‘Nitro Bug’ on track with Andy Raw at the wheel
It’s not everyday you witness a world record. This is Denmark’s Hans-Henrik Thomsen who set a new best for electric bikes with a 6.869 sec 195.4mph run over the 1/4 mile
Top Fuel (nitro) Bike. Alan Smith and the ‘PBR Rocket 3’
Flames from the headers and clutch dust from the rear. Steve Ashdown’s ‘Undertaker’ Nitro Funny Car blasts into the late afternoon sun

If you are confused by the different classes check out my page

Now to try and photograph the visitors to my pond.

17 thoughts on “NOT the Euro Finals

  1. Brilliant panning and catching all at speed! I can almost hear the roar of the engines and smell the fumes! How wonderful that you were able to get out do something normal!

    A good friend of mine works in a grocery store and hasn’t been sick at all. I think working in that environment for years and years build up her immune system to be like steel. I’m so thankful for her and those other grocery store employees that went to work and are still going to work so we can eat! Thank you, sir! 😀

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    1. Hi Deborah. Glad you like the shots my first few were a bit rubbish, it took a while to get the eye back in!
      I can back up what your friend experiences, in nearly eight years I’ve only had four days off sick. Yet now I’ve had enough and have just put in for early retirement, it’s a big decision but I had to take the leap.

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  2. Looks like you had a great day! Fabulous photographs!

    About a hundred years ago, my sister went out a few times with a guy named Don Garlits. “Big Daddy” to drag racing fans. His Museum of Drag Racing is just up the road from us and I’ll try to make it there one day and will report my findings – if you’re interested.

    Meantime, here’s the website:

    Since I never became a race fan, I’ll be looking forward to the upcoming report on your pond visitors. 🙂

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    1. Wally I’m in awe and worship your sisters footsteps! wow the biggest name in the sport (he’s even been over here but I missed seeing him). Would love to visit his museum, one day maybe.
      Must try and get some shots of the dragons by the pond before the weather changes.


    1. Thanks Kim we really enjoyed ourselves. As I mentioned in another comment it has been a whole year since we last went to the drags, normally it’s 4-5 times a season but obviously due to covid everything has been cancelled.
      We still have not had a meal out this year even though restaurants & pubs are now open. It’s going to take a long while (or a vaccine) before we get fully back to normal.


  3. Holy cow, for some reason I am not getting notified of new posts and simply figured you were still hard at work on the new homestead – saw you comment on my last post and immediately jumped over to discover I was lagging. Fantastic shots B – love the pan effect on the third shot. Glad to see you get a chance to get out and about.

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    1. Wondered where you had been B! It was great to get out properly for the first time this year. We did have a couple of trips out for butters and dragons but this was a different ball game, good to feel the noise!

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