Spring Awakes (briefly)

Hello blogworld wherever you are.  Hope you are all coping with whatever restrictions your governments have put upon you.  Here we should only leave home to go to work (which I must), buy essentials or one daily exercise.  It’s not been a great hardship this week as after early morning frosts we have had wall to wall sunshine and temperatures up to a whole 11c!  Which means we have had visitors to the garden, yes butterflies!

Blue sky + blossom + butterfly = Spring!

Much like a repeat of last year the first species spotted was a lemon yellow male Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni).  Not long after I noticed a dark shape flitting about the flowerbed, could only be a Peacock (Aglais io).  Straight out of hibernation they spend a lot of time sat on bare earth to absorb as much warmth as possible.  Not much feeding is noticed apart from the attraction of the blossom when they first wake up.  Then it’s all down to fighting!  Territory is important as the testosterone kicks in.

Comma (Polygonia c-album) on Spring Snowflake (Leucojum vernum)

Next seen was the Comma.  It has a very distinctive fast glide with flickering wingtips.  These too like to bask in the sun and squabble among themselves and with the Peacocks.  The garden has been like an insect battleground at times.

Since Saturday the weather has changed.  The wind has swung 180 to the north, got very strong and being only a couple of miles from the North Sea it’s a bit chilly, as I was typing this we had a snow shower!  Stay sane everyone.


48 thoughts on “Spring Awakes (briefly)

      1. I managed to snap an African Leopard this morning – butterfly not the feline version. Only the second time I’ve seen one.
        Not a great shot, but my Canon is on the blink and using the Cybershot from distance is tricky.

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      2. Now the big cat in Jo’berg would have been something else!
        Shame the camera is giving you grief at a time you can’t get it fixed. Frustrating to spot something special and not get a good shot, I’m sure you’ll get another chance it often happens, the London bus theory.


      3. One of the cats knocked the battery charger off my desk and by the look of it the circuit board is buggered. May be just a dry joint but I’m no sparky.


      4. Try getting one of the internet? If they still deliver at the moment. So annoying when these things happen at a time it’s difficult to get sorted. These modern gizmos are usually un-repairable.


    1. Have to go to work most days and brave the paranoid hordes all dressed up in masks and rubber gloves, at least they give me a wide berth as I stack the shelves!
      It’s possible the Comma was still scarce north of the Humber when you were younger, at one point (1914 ish) they were almost extinct and have only spread north in the last 20 years or so.


  1. Nice photos. We haven’t seen any butterflies, but many hover flies and a few bumlebees.
    I am working from home, so it was great to take coffee breaks and lunch in the garden.
    Stay safe and well.

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    1. Cheers Jerry. Guess a lot of folk are confined to barracks at the moment. If we are fortunate to have a bit of garden it will become an increasing source of comfort in weeks to come, enjoy.


    1. They certainly lift the spirits and bring a big smile to the face! Usually the OT’s find me Bryan, they like the garden, it will be the other species that emerge in habitats away from home that I hope I will get to see. With news today ‘lockdown’ may be extended that may not happen and this years plans are binned.


  2. We have had tons of bees in our garden. The weather has been gorgeous here on this side of the channel. It was up to 70F yesterday. Got so much done. Chilly is almost the understatement of the day today when that wind switched and dropped the temps down to freezing. A bit nippy even for a Minnesota gal out there today.
    Stay safe and get an ugly stick to ward off those customers who want to invade your personal space. I think that closing off aisles while stocking is a wonderful healthy thing for all people.

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    1. Unfortunately closing aisles is impossible as delivery comes in mixed up cages and the the stock is all over the store. Folk are becoming so paranoid they’re keep well clear of us unclean ‘lowlife’ so no probs really. Hopefully this chilly spell is just a dip. Keep well CJ.

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  3. Glad to see you getting some visitors as of late. We went from snow last weekend to rain later half of week, then tornado warning last night (storm just went south of us, no touch downs) and today is 25mph with gusts up to 60mph winds. Good news is the the heat cranked up so at least it’s nice when we find an opportunity to get out between the storms. Liking that Brimstone against the white flowers.

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  4. Winter is going out like a lion, isn’t it? We’re still having rain, snow, and wind. It’s supposed to start getting warmer this week. I hope so!

    The butterflies you see are beautiful! I’ve never seen either one. I would be doing my happy dance if I saw these.

    Stay well!

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