Don’t Worry Bee Happy

The sun is shining and the garden is starting to look lovely.  The wind is from the east so when you venture out it’s not as warm as you think but the bees don’t seem to mind.  This last week I’ve noticed more and more Hairy-footed Flower Bees (Anthophora plumipes).  They love the pulmonaria.  These are hyperactive critters zig-zagging from bloom to bloom with more of a distinctive buzz than the others.  Time to dust off the macro and give the auto focus a hammering!DSC_0002a

“Yes I do have hairy feet”
“It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it” Honey Bee approaching a daffodil
“Target located I’m going in”

Here in the northern hemisphere spring is unfolding.  Down south it will be your autumn.  Wherever you are try and get out to enjoy your season in these troubling times.

32 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Bee Happy

  1. Spectacular shots of both the flowers and the bees. The shots are so wonderfully detailed that I don’t even have to ask why the bees are called “Hairy-footed.” I too am in the northern hemisphere, so I am looking forward to the unfolding of spring.

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  2. Absolutely amazing macro photos, as always!
    Here in Malta it feels like spring has taken a sudden break. Luckily, so far, we are still allowed to be outdoors, but new restrictions are coming daily. Almost everything is closed, the streets are empty… But I agree, “Don’t Worry Bee Happy”!!

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  3. Awesome!!! Bees!!! I am happy ever so happy!!! Bees please.
    I saw them all weekend in our garden here in the a Netherlands too. I have cut flowers from the florist in the garden and the little guys were going nuts!!! It was very ZEN shifting compost and watching them buss by. Nature has the answers to all our issues. Thanks Brian for the wonderful photos.

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    1. Just found your comment in my spam box CJ, don’t know what happened there!
      Glad you like the bees yes they sooth the mind and now, for three weeks at least, apart from going to work looks like the garden will be seeing a lot more of me. We are under full lockdown!

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    1. Well you could always ask Gini very nicely, promise to be good and do more chores. Or say “we only live once” and splash out on one!
      As lenses go the Sigma 105mm 2.8 was quite reasonably priced for such excellent results, I got it with my last decent bonus a couple of years back. Mrs H added the 1.4x converter as a present.
      Take care of yourselves and keep clear of ‘gators!

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