Makes you Think

Had a message request on facebook (only use it as a platform to post images) from a fellow wordpress blogger.  Mudar Salimeh lives in Syria and we all know what’s been happening there!  He is an artist and butterfly fanatic his blog  .  Mudar tells me he knows I follow his blog but cannot see mine or any wordpress blogs he cannot reply to my comments.  That is a sad situation.  So I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be a nice gesture if some of you who read my posts pay him a visit, leave a like or comment or better still follow.  Show a bit of friendship to a fellow nature lover.

Swallowtail, Norfolk
fswv dsc_0190a
Silver-washed Fritillary form Valezina, Holt cp Norfolk
cd common darter DSC_0218a
Common Darter (female) Alderfen Broad, Norfolk

So go on folks give him a look.

And for those who like my dragonflies I’ve put together a new page

38 thoughts on “Makes you Think

    1. That’s very kind of you. Hopefully whatever stupid political reason that is blocking wp in his country is lifted soon, it must be so frustrating being isolated.
      Slightly jealous of you growing up in Cali back then, must have had some good times!

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  1. Late to the party, as usual.

    Terrific post! Gorgeous butterflies. Followed the link to your odanata page and was thrilled at each image! Well done!

    I left a comment on Mudar’s blog but since I use WP not sure how it will work. He’s doing nice work and it’s great to see the different species. (Come to think of it, that’s what brought me here!)

    Hope your holiday season is filled with peace, love, birds, bugs and dragsters.

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    1. Thanks Wally. I think our holiday season will have the first two, maybe some of the third but none of the last two. It’s a waiting game ’til spring now. At least I can pop over to Florida via the net to get some warmth!

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  2. Hello Brian,
    I am late to the conversation, but thank you for introducing this beautiful blog. I have followed, and look forward to viewing more of his work.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy new year 🙂

    Best wishes,

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  3. I can’t understand that I pressed “Like” here but did not give any comment. Strange! Anyhow, Syrian butterflies sounds exciting and of course I will visit Mudar Salimeh’s site and follow his images.
    A very friendly move on your part!! And the images you show here are as always marvelous.

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    1. Hopefully one day the situation will change and Mudar will again be able to see all the other blogs on wp, until then at least he knows others will be able to see his butterfly images. Many thanks Anita.


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