Snowflakes on the Shore

Spare time has been at a premium just recently and the weather mostly poor.  As a result I have not been out with the camera since my trip to Germany.  Exchanging comments with Brian over at gave me an idea for this post.  So B for you Snow Buntings!

Snow Bunting on the shingle ridge

Each winter, here in Norfolk, we are lucky to have numbers of these delightful Buntings visit the coast.  The flocks can be over a hundred strong and in flight although they twist and turn as one each individual rises and falls.  With the white in the plumage they resemble snowflakes.  As they fly they have a lovely ringing call.

Looking for seeds

In the UK the Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis), as a breeding bird, is restricted to the high mountains of Scotland.  I remember seeing them outside the cafe on Cairngorm and Mrs H calling them sparrows!  The birds we get in the winter most likely are migrants from Scandinavia.  Occasionally a male will still retain it’s gorgeous black & white feathering.  They usually return to the same areas of coastline. One such place is the shingle ridge at Salthouse.  Here local birders supplement their diet with seeds, this makes them fairly approachable and some nice images can be had with patience.

Part of a flock of 40+ Snow Buntings at Salthouse

26 thoughts on “Snowflakes on the Shore

  1. Awesome B! Truly gorgeous birds and more than a bit jealous that you managed to get such nice shots in the tin – for some reason they keep eluding me… and Ron. 3 solid years I’ve been out hunting these cute Buntings – hoping this year I’ll be able to add them to my list. Thanks for giving me good reference shots. Nice work and appreciate the link.

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  2. Gorgeous captures, Brian! I’ve always thought these birds are beautiful and adorable, they have such soft coloring. We get just a few that migrate far enough south to the Mid-Atlantic area but I’ve never been lucky to find them. Thank you for sharing yours!!

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