Every year Santa Pod Raceway holds a special event to celebrate all things nostalgia about drag racing.  It’s been several years since we last went but the line up was so good this year it was a must see even though it was only a day after our return from the Lake District!

True to form it was raining when we arrived but it soon passed.  While waiting for the track to dry we checked out the Rod & Custom show, took a stroll through the pits to admire all the classic machines and chat to the owners and browse the trade stands selling retro ’50’s clothing and souvenirs whilst ‘proper’ Rock ‘n’ Roll music played over the tannoys.

The racing was fantastic.  Ok so there are no 3 second 300mph monsters in fact the quickest time was 6.3 seconds and few cars made 200mph but it was the spirit and willingness to win and put on a show that made this special.  We headed for home with the smell of nitro and burning rubber in our nostrils and big smiles on our faces.  So many images to choose from I didn’t know which to pick, there are a few more on the HOME page https://blhphotoblog.wordpress.com/portfolio/drag-racing-2019/

Legendary bike racer John Hobbs on ‘Olympus’ a 500c Weslake
A jaw dropping display of some very famous Funny Cars from the past
Like something from a ‘Mad Max’ film! Twister is a Supercharged Outlaw based on a Ford model T and driven by Andy Hadfield
Des Taylor’s ‘Thundergod’ warms it’s tyres
Sam Freeman and his slingshot ‘Long Time Dead’. Sam had a lucky escape after an horrendous crash at the finish line

21 thoughts on “Dragstalgia

    1. Many thanks Deborah. The panning doesn’t always work maybe 1 in 3 are sharp. I was on 200th sec for these, I have gone slower for more blur but the hit rate is maybe 1 in 10! Also you often get a bit of blur on a perfectly sharp image I put this down to vibration in the vehicle, there’s a lot of power there!

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  1. Some really nice photos here, Brian. I was also there on Sunday. Loved the racing and being able to wander around the “show ‘n’ shine” area checking out all the awesome cars. And that amazing funny car collection! Such an enjoyable atmosphere at these type of meetings – far more relaxed than the big Championship events.

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