A New Dragon

I had hoped to get out and about looking for new dragonflies this summer and for that matter there were plans to track down a couple of butterflies as well.  As happens other things crop up or the weather decides to go awol.  A couple of Sundays ago (father’s day) we visited the RSPB reserve at Strumpshaw Fen, in the river Yare valley, a few miles east of Norwich.  I used to come here a lot in years past but it has become very popular.  I’m not over keen on crowds when trying to photograph wildlife and here the big attraction is the Swallowtail butterflies that visit an artificial flowerbed by the visitors centre.  No chance today far too windy, anyway I prefer my local spot where there are more butterflies than people!

Female Scarce Chaser (Libellula fulva). Nice to find them so easily!

No, my target was to try and see the Scarce Chaser dragonfly.  Not that uncommon in parts of England but lives up to it’s name here in Norfolk.  As it was so windy I decided we should walk the woodland trail which has a nice dyke running alongside.  Several areas were sunlit and lots of various damselflies were in the throes of making the next generation, dragonfly porn as Tina calls it!  Also we saw some Banded Demoiselles, large, blue and with a slow butterfly like flight.  Without any trouble I spotted a female Scarce Chaser which kept returning to the same bent reed and wasn’t bothered in the least as I clicked away.

Newly emerged Scarce Chasers are this gorgeous bright orange, the males become pale blue

Also in the same area were two newly emerged chasers.  No males seen, they were possibly patrolling open water elsewhere.

Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens)

This last Sunday A Broadland village had an open garden event.  It was a really good day out, even a classic car show to keep me amused!  Mrs H said to take the camera along as there maybe the odd dragonfly about, and there was, several.  The one that caught my eye was an Emperor which was patrolling a boat mooring staithe.  I tried to get an image and eventually managed one not too bad (for a flight shot).

Emperor (Anax imperator) One of Britain’s largest dragons

Whilst in one of the gardens I was sitting by an ornamental pond watching the damselflies having fun (no I’m not a pervert) when I thought this water lily would make a nice shot.  Many of you have got the art of floral photography down to a tee so don’t snigger at my effort, please.

Not quite a Monet

I have also been busy putting a new blog page together ‘British Butterflies’ if you would like to have a look here is a link.  https://blhphotoblog.wordpress.com/british-butterflies/

Have A good week.

31 thoughts on “A New Dragon

      1. This is true. In fact the chickens sorted out the snails.
        But the chickens when loose play havoc woth the veggies.
        It is quite a dynamic situation, and one that is obliged to adapt.

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      1. I have the Nikon D5300, (with a D3100 as back up spare) the first 3 images were with the Sigma 105 macro and 1.4x converter, the last 2 with a Nikon 18-140 kit lens. I also use a Tamron 70-300 zoom.


  1. Another fine set of shots – the in flight pan one is awesome – was that done with the macro on? The British Butterfly collection is wonderful – I have always been partial to the silver-studded blue since you introduced me to them, but now that I can see them all together, my new favorite has to be the the purple emperor… although the face in the back dark spots of the Peacock is cool as well.

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    1. Really pleased you like my butterfly collection B, they are all my favourites in their own way. That in flight shot was with the Nikon 18-140mm lens, it was pretty close but that was the only frame that the af hit the dragon, I’m quite pleased with it.

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