Pole Dancers

On reflection I should possibly have chosen a better title for this post.  I can imagine all sorts of ‘interesting’ people being directed here by search engines!  Hey-ho let’s run with it anyway, might get some interested in nature.

I have managed to get out and do a bit of dragonfly watching this past week or so.  It was a slow start but is picking up nicely.  Mike over in the States ( https://michaelqpowell.com/?wref=bif ) has been posting images for some weeks now, so we are playing catch-up.  Started by checking out Hickling Broad and on Sunday we went to Upton Fen.  At Upton I had to use my zoom lens to get the images and was pleasantly surprised at the detail.  A great lens for drag racing but after a lot of pretty poor butterfly images I was reluctant to use it.  You can see the link in the images and the reason behind the dodgy heading.

hd DSC_0399a
Hairy Dragonfly (Brachytron pratense) at Hickling. These are the smallest and earliest of the Hawkers to emerge and are forever on the move. If a bit of cloud covers the sun they will settle as happened here. The name ‘Hairy’ is because of the fine hairs on the thorax which you can see in this image
vd DSC_0383a
Also at Hickling this male Variable Damselfly (Coenagrion pulchellum). It was bending it’s abdomen in almost a complete circle
nh DSC_0128a
The Norfolk Hawker (Anaciaeschna isoceles). This is a scarce species in the UK and as the name suggests are mostly confined to my home County, though they are spreading their range. This one was at Upton and is another dragonfly that rarely settles
fsc DSC_0124a
Four-spotted Chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) The most numerous of the early dragons at some sites they can form ‘swarms’. This backlit one at Upton is beautifully marked with the colour on the outer spots (pterostigma) ‘bleeding’ into the wing, this is form praenubila.

40 thoughts on “Pole Dancers

  1. Brian- Wonderful! These are show stopper pole dancer images. I am sure they will create a stir in the alternative community.😂
    You just never know. I have one of my titles that gets “hits” all the time and strange comments from people it attracts. Takes all kinds to help the stats.

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  2. Great shots of some incredible dragonflies. You captured them all so wonderfully that there is no need to think of catching up. At a minimum we are neck-and-neck. Seriously, though, it is wonderful to see the species in your area and how they are similar or different from the ones that I am used to seeing. I look forward to seeing more.

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  3. Very nice especially with the zoom which adds an additional difficulty level. I need to get to some of my dragon shots (my default target when the birds are not cooperating), but after seeing these captures I’m pretty much embarrassed to let anyone see them. Love the blue shade on the Variable Damselfly.

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    1. The blue one is only an inch long like a wisp of cotton, It’s great using macro to see these details my eyes couldn’t pick them out in the field.
      Keep trying K one day you will get a good shot!

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