Wildlife in Corfu

My weeks holiday allowed me to experience a small taste (no I didn’t eat it!) of the wildlife on offer in Corfu.  This lovely green and verdant Greek island in the Ionian Sea is awash with wild flowers in spring, though it seemed like every other Corfoit was in possession of a petrol strimmer and was doing their best to blitz it!  Away from the villas and holiday apartments things were much quieter, even so some olive groves were getting the treatment.

A Dalmation Algyroides on a wall of the old fortress in Kerkira.

Loved the lizards, never see many in the UK but here they liked to sunbathe on the rocks.  They are very wary and scuttle off when approached making photography difficult.  The biggest was a Balkan Green Lizard living in the front garden of our villa, pity he had lost his tail.

Green Rose Chafer (Cetonia aurata) enjoying some nectar.

Those of you who have read Gerald Durrell’s book ‘My Family and Other Animals’ will remember his meetings with the Rose Beetle man.  These beetles or chafers are big, up to an inch (25mm) long and are a glorious metallic gold/green.  Mostly seen flying around tree tops they like to feed on nectar.

Egyptian Locust (Anacridium aegyptium) is a big beast, nearly 3 inches (75mm) long, and caused me to jump when I disturbed them and they flew to cover!
A beautiful and large moth the Cream-spot Tiger (Arctia villica) has a wingspan over 2 inches (50mm) long. This one nearly met it’s demise under my foot as I left the front door. Well spotted (and saved) Tina!
A rather pretty grasshopper Omocestus rufipes, the Woodland Grasshopper.

The birdlife on Corfu was somewhat disappointing, so much so the zoom lens never got bothered.  There was a distinct lack of garden birds and the countryside was pretty quiet too.  I fear the large amount of empty shotgun cartridges and feral cats may be responsible.  The hunting of spring migrants on Mediterranean islands is a big problem, although it is part of the culture it is not big and not clever!  We did see some nice birds though, Scops Owls by our villa at night and the Red-rumped Swallows in the old fort.  A highlight of an evening meal in our favourite taverna the ‘Olive Press’ was the Barn Swallows coming in to roost a few feet above us and the owner welcomed them.

Another dinosaur! A Greek Algyroides on our terrace wall.

“But wait!” I hear you say “Where are the butterflies?”  Well butterflies were in a great abundance and if you would like to see a few check this out https://blhphotoblog.wordpress.com/portfolio/corfu-butterflies/  I decided to put a gallery on my HOME page, enjoy!  For a taster feast your eyes on this beauty!

Scarce Swallowtail (Iphiclides podalirius)


31 thoughts on “Wildlife in Corfu

  1. As usual- love these photos you take. I visited the butterflies blog as well and I am still amazed how you are able to capture high quality photos of these wonderful creatures. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!!

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  2. Love that first lizard – don’t get to spend much time with those thanks to Mrs B’s absolute distaste for the creatures (snakes with legs as she refers to them). Also partial to the Cream-Spot Tiger Moth – gorgeous. Once again an impressive collection of images – it is saddening to hear about the threat to migrant birds

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    1. Sadly the shooting and trapping with lime sticks is having a big effect on migrants heading north, on some islands they will literally shoot anything from a warbler to an eagle! Luckily the younger generation are more opposed to this so things may change. Thanks for the visit Bri.


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