Sleeping Beauties

Even after x number of years kicking around this planet I still get excited when I witness something new.  Just last week was a good example.  I was mowing the grass, the day had been cool and cloudy now the sun was breaking through.  In a patch of nettles and other assorted wild plants a flash of orange caught my eye.  Went to investigate, there to my absolute delight were three male Orange-tip butterflies (Anthocharis cardamines) roosting together on the same flower head of cow parsley.  I have never seen this before so thought it better be recorded, the grass can wait!

Three.  As the sun breaks through one stirs
Two.  A little flutter around and a move to another flower
One. “With those two gone think I’ll get my head down for another forty winks”

And there he stayed for the rest of the afternoon.  What were they missing out on?  Well as they dozed away the day two female Orange-tips were in the back garden patrolling the flower beds, unlucky boys!

38 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauties

  1. Fabulous pictures! I’ve been trying to capture an Orange Tip while in the UK for the past 3 weeks, but they were too quick for me, so 3 is amazing! I’m now back home and looking forward to my next walk in the mountains. The weather has been cold though (with snow the other day, now gone, and ice formed on the top of our compost lid last night) and the forecast is for rain tomorrow and grey skies later in the week. So it may be in a few days time. But then, I have some blogging to catch up on anyway.

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    1. Thanks Mike, yes they can be tricky to photograph. Sounds like spring is late in the Alps but I’m sure it’ll be worth it when it arrives.
      You managed to call the football correctly, we are the champions!

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      1. Absolutely, but there is no point in playing if you don’t want to win something. What happens next season will be interesting, we might surprise one or two teams. Outside the big six everyone is fighting relegation!


  2. Nice shots! I often remark how nature’s camouflage always amazes me and these orange tip butterflies with their wings closed are just another example. I wouldn’t have seen them in the first photo if the one did not have its wings partially open.

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  3. Took me a second to translate your “three” caption as I was just staring at the obvious one. Quite a dramatic shift from the outer wings to the inner wing paint. I completely understand the priorities on mowing, I’ve left my share of mows to chase something that flew past – Linda still doesn’t believe all the flying unicorns that seem to make an appearance at just the right time ha! Well executed shots once again.

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    1. That cammo on those flowers is superb and if that doesn’t work the flash of orange warns predators ‘not good to eat’ as this species cats eat plants containing mustard oil.
      Yet to get a unicorn whilst mowing, must try harder 🤣🤣

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  4. I admit it—you’ve sold me on butterfluffs!

    A terrible year for them in Southland here, I think just three all summer—a desert, in fact.

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