Festival of Power!

“I love the smell of nitro in the morning!”  Ok so not quite the quote from ‘Apocalypse Now’.  I have been coming to the ‘Pod’ for forty years now and still get that tingle of excitement as we wend our way along the narrow, twisty road, through the pretty well-to-do villages of Wymington and Poddington.  Take a left at the crossroads onto Airfield Road and you are almost there.  Santa Pod is the last purpose built drag strip remaining in Gt Britain and has changed massively over the years but still has that ‘feel’ of the past (thankfully proper toilets now!).  The strip is built on what was the world war two runway of the American 92nd Bomb Group, and there are memorials to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  The hot rod revolution really took off after the war with young service men looking for new thrills, so maybe the spirits smile down on our ‘playground’?  It always seems a happy place.

Sunday the 21st and the first event of the season the Festival of Power.  Not just the first rounds of the sportsman classes but also exhibition runs by three Top Fuel dragsters.  Then there was no fewer than eight jets and the amazing rocket bike of Eric Teboul.  Wall to wall sunshine, temps in the 70’sf and the lightest of breezes, the action on the track was even hotter.

There are more images and results on my HOME page click here https://blhphotoblog.wordpress.com/portfolio/drag-racing-2019/

Top Fuel match race. Liam Jones of the UK (green car) thunders down the strip in 3.90 secs at 307mph!  Maja Udtian from Norway unfortunately loses traction and smokes the tyres. You  have to witness this spectacle, it is hard to describe the sound and smell
Jordan Kenway fights to keep his Suzuki GSX off the centre line during his semi-final win in ET Bike. Cross the line and you are disqualified
‘FireForce 3’ Jet Funny Car piloted by Martin Hill on his way to 258mph in 5.93 secs.  The team always puts on a great show


24 thoughts on “Festival of Power!

  1. From the delicate to the explosive! These guys/gals make an encounter with a gator seem like rubbing noses with a bunny. Having never experienced this sport can only imagine what it sounds/feels like when one of those machines winds up. I also like the panning effect for the feel of motion – nicely done.

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    1. Thanks Brian, as I said in the post it is something you have to experience to realise the assault on the senses, a nitro car is so unbelievably loud the sound shakes your internal organs!
      Glad you like the panning shots, it is very pleasing when they come out sharp, certainly tests the Nikon’s a/f at that speed!

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  2. Awesome photos! As a child, I spent many Summers at stock car races. My dad was a mechanic for one of the stock cars. It was such fun travelling from raceway to raceway. And yes, I still enjoy the smell of gasoline in the air. Even though these are dragsters, the pictures took me back to a great time. Nothing quite like the excitement of race day! 🙂

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