Joys of Spring

I wasn’t going to do a post ’till after the weekend (spoiler alert it involves very fast noisy cars and bikes)  as I’m fast running out of free WordPress gb’s and will soon have to pay our blog masters for the privilege to post more images if I want to carry on.

However we had a great day out yesterday, the weather has kicked into full spring mood, and I just wanted to share some piccies, hang the expense!  First off, Mrs H and I took a walk around Foxley Wood to admire the sea of bluebells, very nice they were too.  Then over to the coast and Wiveton Downs.  Here we saw four newly emerged species of butterfly for the year including the first Green Haistreaks and very early Small Coppers.  Nearly all the action took place around a hawthorn that was bursting into bloom, enjoy.

Remember this cute fellow from last year? The very aggressive Green Hairstreak (Callophrys rubi). Tina was delighted as this was the first she had seen
Another species that likes to give everyone a hard time. The Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria) has a quick refuel on hawthorn
Taking a look at the world upside down. The years first Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas)
Bugs as well! This impressive creature is a Hairy Shield Bug (Dolycoris baccarum) it is only 1/2 an inch (12mm) long
Also bees! This is the beautifully coloured Tawny Mining Bee (Andrena fulva)
A delicate Green-veined White (Pieris napi) enjoyed the blossom
And to finish, my absolute spring favourite a male Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines) nectars on a bluebell just minutes after Tina said she had never seen one land!

That’s another gigabyte used up!  Join me next time for something completely different.

30 thoughts on “Joys of Spring

  1. Wow. I especially love the butterflies–my favorite is the Green Hairstreak. All of your images are so wonderfully detailed and I am happy that you included the shots of the shield bug and bee, because they are variants that I have never seen (though I have seen lots of other shield bugs and bees). I commiserate with you about the need to switch to a paying WordPress plan. I ran out of space last year and was forced to do the same.

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  2. Great pics, really helps when they land on blossom. We had Speckleds this weekend and a shield bug and lots of orange tips and all the whites. Hoping for GHs and SCs tomorrow as they have both been seen north of the border but not yet by myself. Temps are positively tropical! Joys of Spring indeed! Use those Gigabytes wisely: moths not motors! 😉

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  3. I think I stared at that Green Hairstreak for 10 minutes just soaking how pretty that butter is and how close it must have looked to my face being envious of the crisp shot – not to take anything away from the others of course. Just as an FYI since I’m not sure how the dollar/pounds play out between the services, but I use Smugmug as my image store and simply deep link from WordPress to the galleries – little to no space used on WordPress and Smugmug gives me a lot more capabilities from a gallery perspective (organization structure, auto-size generation, unlimited size, limited format restrictions etc.) Keep up the great work and looking forward to some track shots.

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    1. Thanks Brian, funnily when Tina saw the image of the Hairstreak she wasn’t over impressed, she preferred it live! So much for macro detail!
      Somehow I would feel very uncomfortable putting my images anywhere other than on my pc and back-up sticks. The problem with this theme is my images are usually around 6MB each so the compression doesn’t ruin the detail.

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