2018 Butterfly Highlights

How was 2018 for you?  This year just past had so many great memories for me.  It turned out to be a cracker for butterflies.  Spring got off to a brilliant start.  Armed with the new macro lens I got a huge amount of satisfaction photographing my favourite insects.  The long hot summer added to the fun despite the disaster with the camera.  I photographed five new species and got stunning images of so many more.  Here are just a few of my favourites, enjoy!

Back in April I got this shot of an Orange Tip (Anthocharis cardamines) which turned out to be a favourite for you bloggers
After a long search I caught up with this Grizzled Skipper (Pyrgus malvae)
May and the Duke of Burgundy (Hamearis lucina) my shot of the year!
A trip to Bentley Wood in May and my first ever sighting of the Pearl Bordered Fritillary (Boloria euphrosyne)
On the way home new species No2 the Wood White (Leptidea sinapis)
Can’t forget the Brown Argus (Aricia agestis) and the stinging nettles!
Black Hairstreak (Satyrium pruni) had a fantastic year at Glapthorne
White Letter Hairstreak (Satyrium w-album) photographed for the first time
A trip to the Lake District and we found one of Britains rarest and most endangered butterflies the High Brown Fritillary (Argynnis adippe) at Latterbarrow
Also in Cumbria a tiny Northern Brown Argus (Aricia artaxerxes)
Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas) in September as the season draws to a close

Next time I will be highlighting some of my favourite bird shots.

41 thoughts on “2018 Butterfly Highlights

  1. 2018 was a great Summer.
    You have some cracking photos here! Duke of B particularly fine. Hope 2019 is as successful. Always a joy to tick off a new species or 2! Happy Hunting.

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  2. Brilliant! The Small Copper and the Orange Tip are outstanding images. Worthy of a frame and a wall.

    For some reason it was a poor year for Flutterbys at the Ark’s spot. I hope this year will be better.

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      1. Whether it was the weather I couldn’t say,
        The plants in the garden haven’t changed much so there’s the same food source.
        I have seen a couple of ”Whites”, one Swallowtail and two or three Geranium Bronze but little else to write home about so far over the past two or three months.
        By May I will have a more detailed picture and I’ll cross reference my photo records over the past three years.

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  3. This year in NZ’s Southland very few butterfluffs at all, not even the dreaded white.

    A balance for the vast number last year (cabbage whites—we have very few others). Compared to England’s green and pleasant land NZ is effectively a desert (but you’d be suicidal to say so here).

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      1. One might think so, but it isn’t. I state again that compared to England’s green and pleasant land this place is a desert. But you have to experience it for yourself to get my point …

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      1. Hi Brian FYI – I have recently started to make some high quality enlargements with my 13 inch wide photo-printer – Epson Artisan 1430 combined with Ultra Premium Photo Paper Lustre which costs $150 CAN for a box of 50 – 13×19 Print Paper. So including the cost of ink (there are 6 cartridges), I can print a beautiful archival quality image for about $6.00 CAN depending on the amount of ink required. So I encourage you to check out this printer. I thought I’d have do a lot of test printing to get a good result, but the first prints out are great. Btw – I have scheduled to post an Eagle Photo this Monday – I made some 12×12 Prints which turned out great.

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  4. What a series of beautiful butterfly shots! Unbelievable how many butterflies you could photograph. Over here it was far too dry, we had lesser insects in general then other years. Hope we have some more wet days in 2019.

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    1. I hope things are better for you this year, I look forward to your butterfly images. We only have 58 species in the UK I have photographed 52 of them so more to seek out, I have plans for 2 more this year, weather permitting!

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  5. What a beautiful series, Brian. You’ve had a great photography year finding five new species. Amazing the wonderful details you’ve captured in their wings. Terrific work. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead of nature photography!

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