Postcard from Cromer


Firstly may I wish all my followers and everyone who visits this blog a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


New years fireworks over Cromer pier

We spent a few days over the new year just around the coast in the seaside town of Cromer.  I still had to go into work but it was nice to be able to go out and celebrate without needing the car (where we live is several miles from anywhere!).  The fireworks were excellent, shame it was blowing a gale straight off the sea!

Cliff top path to town

Traditionally a fishing town famous for its ‘Cromer Crabs’, it was in the early 19th century that it started to become fashionable as a holiday resort.  This was boosted in the 1880’s when Clement Scott wrote of ‘Poppylands’ combined with the coming of the railways. The church tower (on the left of the image) is the highest in Norfolk.

I would liked to have got a perfectly symmetrical shot looking straight down the pier, except there is a lamp post on my right stopping me!

The pier as you see it now has stood since 1902.  There have been jetties and wooden piers on this site since the thirteen hundreds all ending up destroyed by the power of the North Sea.  In fact this pier nearly ended up the same way.  In November 1993 a barge broke free of it’s moorings in a storm and cut the pier in half.  Twenty years later and a storm surge caused considerable damage.  It’s always a popular place for visitors.  Beyond the the pavilion theatre is the R.N.L.I lifeboat shed.  Cromer’s lifeboat men are renowned for their bravery, the most famous being Henry Blogg.

The Henry Blogg memorial

Finally before I go I would like to thank petrel41 for nominating me for their ‘Real Neat Blog Award’  Check out their blog





21 thoughts on “Postcard from Cromer

  1. Beautiful images, Brian.
    It’s funny, but I have ”seen” more of England since living in South Africa than I ever did when I physically lived there.
    It would be so nice to be able to afford a year or so off and simply tour the country of my birth.
    At least I’d have quite a few people all over the country I could drop in on for a cup of tea!
    Maybe if I ”win the pools”, as my father is wont to say!

    All the best for 2019


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  2. Happy New Year back at ya’! Truly enjoyed reading your posts in 2018 and looking forward to learning more about your far off lands ha! … and wildlife captures in ’19. Looks like a wonderful place to usher in the the new year.

    Liked by 2 people

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