Just cannot think of a title for this image.





If you buy sugar from the UK there is a good chance that it started here.  Standing on the banks of the River Yare, overlooking the Cantley Marshes, this is Cantley sugar beet processing factory.  Every day during the winter period over 8,000 tonnes of beet is cooked to extract the sugar.  Hundreds of huge lorries daily bring the crop from a radius of over forty miles.  The smoke can be seen from quite some distance due to the flatness of our countryside. I live over 20 miles away and if the wind is in the south I can smell it.

On the plus side there is many acres of settlement lagoons where the sludge is deposited.  These are a magnet for waders and wildfowl.  When the factory is not in production you are allowed to go birdwatching there, and it has turned up many rarities.


34 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. There’s a sugar beet factory where I used to live, in York, too and I know what you mean about the wind being in the ‘wrong’ direction. But then we got our own back, when the wind turned, with the over-sweet smell of cocoa wafting from the Rowntree cocoa processing plant! ☺

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  2. I love the silos!! They’re huge! I love the black and white processing for it’s classic and timeless feel.

    Is that a lone swan? Looking for his/her lifetime sweetie pie at the Sugar Factory perhaps?

    When I was a very young adult my first apartment/flat was several blocks from one of Del Monte’s pickling plants. Del Monte is a big cannery here in the States. Anyway, in certain pickling seasons if the wind was just right I could smell the pungent odor of the days work. I can almost smell it now. I remember how the vinegar would bite my nostrils, and the back of my throat even now.
    Isn’t smell an amazing sense in the way it can take one back in time or pull a memory up from the recesses of our minds?

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    1. The Swan’s mate is just out of shot. This image works so well in mono, in colour the green of the marsh dominates too much and you ‘lose’ the Swan.
      You are right about smells, the beet factory is pretty sickly, I don’t fancy vinegar much it must have made your eyes water!

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  3. Maybe it is the region, but the skies in your black and whites are amazingly full of texture. Art without titles gives rare freedom to the viewer to choose their own story without predisposition!

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    1. Lucky with the skies Brian but mono can make them more ‘dramatic’ than they actually are. When I took that shot I hoped it would make people think, it shows how sometimes nature and industry have to co-exist but maybe the Swan is looking away in disgust?

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  4. Swan mute in the face of a different beet.

    Wonderful Image, Brian

    Where my gran used to live in Royston there was often the smell of Liquorice Allsorts wafting Over the town.
    From where it came from I don’t recall, but for a couple of young kids – my brother and I – anything to do with sweets was heaven!

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