The small falcon banked around to face the wind.  Tail fanned and long pointed wings flickering, appearing to hover in mid air.  Head stock still, the keen eyes scouring the marsh for signs of rodents.



A male Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus), Holkham Fresh Marsh 30.11.18

Nikon D5300, Tamron 70-300 @300mm, iso 250, 1/800sec, f10

29 thoughts on “Windhover

    1. Lucky indeed Ark! Right place right time, we had watched it someway off when it decided to come really close, then my battery went flat, thankfully I got these in the tin beforehand!


  1. Guessing this is the Eurasian variety – slightly larger than our American species but equally deadly to small prey. At f/10 you had that aperture pretty wide open for such a low ISO and shutter speed. Thinking you had to be doing some serious panning with the bird to get it that crisp especially in the second shot. As always, nice job!

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    1. It is the Eurasian Kestrel Brian. As for the settings I had been photographing birds on the marsh when the Kes came in close, no time to change them just hope they worked out. Luckily with the first shot I got a nice bit of blur on the wing as it was holding position the second it was hovering, no panning needed had it on af-c which kept it nicely in focus. As I told Ark then the battery went flat but thankfully I had got some nice images in the tin.

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  2. My very favorite poem in the world is “The Windhover” by Gerard Manley Hopkins as a previous commenter stated. Read the whole thing, it does fascinating things with the words! I had to memorize it in high school many decades ago and still can recite it. Great shot, too!

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