Year’s Last Dragonfly?

On Sunday’s visit to Sculthorpe Moor NR I was delighted to see about six male Common Darters (Sympetrum striolatum).  They were clinging to a sheltered fence, out of the cool breeze and in full sun.  There had been a slight frost that morning at the reserve and since then it has got much colder and greyer, so these were probably the last dragons I will see this year.

Soaking up the rays, Common Darter at Sculthorpe. A quick change to the macro lens to record possibly my last dragon this year

As our year finishes in the southern hemisphere summer is just starting. It will be nice to see images of exotic dragonflies (and butterflies) from these parts, so get posting!


19 thoughts on “Year’s Last Dragonfly?

  1. I still see Dragonflies in Ta Qali National Park here in Malta but I never manage to catch any with my camera. They fly too fast and rarely sit still, same with butterflies this year. Wonder why.. You took a very nice picture of “the last one”!

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  2. Hang about Mr. B …. we’ll get there.
    I have a nasty feeling that our five hens are making short shrift of anything they find among the plants and soil, as apart from Mrs Bert – who is inside, of course – I haven’t seen a single spider or caterpillar as of yet. Though I did manage a couple of shots of a dragonfly perched on an iris leaf this morning.

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