Feeling Blue?…..

…..Not anymore.  After my recent excursion to Manchester it was a real pleasure to make the most of Sunday’s sunshine and re-visit Sculthorpe Moor NR.  Sitting in the tower hide you are at eye level, and almost touching distance, of the woodland birds as they come to visit the feeders.

Blue Tit at Sculthorpe

Here is a species most in Europe will be familiar with.  The Blue Tit (Parus caeruleus) is a frequent visitor to gardens.  This is a small bird only 4.5 inches (12cm) long.  They feed mainly on insects but will turn to seeds as these become scarce in colder months.  In the winter the Blue Tit will join with others of the Parus family to form big groups searching for food, constantly on the move and all keeping in contact with high pitched see see calls.  The advantage of being in groups is more eyes can detect predators.


29 thoughts on “Feeling Blue?…..

  1. Another stunner Brian – never seen one of these before. Looks almost like a miniature cross between one of our Blue Jays and maybe a Yellow Warbler. Jealous, our stateside Paridae are not this colorful. Just got back from a week in Vegas – should have a couple of posts coming from the new checks I was able to get in the tin while out there – after I get some badly needed sleep of course ha!

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