Still Going!

Mid October.  And after two days of wet and windy weather the sun came out after a misty morning.  Taking advantage of my day off work I visited the north Norfolk coast (after finishing my chores!).  I could not believe the number of Small Coppers (Lycaena phlaeas) on the wing.  What a lovely sight as they nectared on ragwort.

Keep going my beauty!



28 thoughts on “Still Going!

  1. Again I envy you your wildlife. NZ (despite the reputation) is a desert by comparison—although we do have a few albatri. Albatrosses. Big seabirds … oops, and sheep.

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    1. As if by coincidence I was watching a prog on the beeb last night glorifying your beautiful Isles. Had them little Jurassic critters trying to eat each other, Kiwis having nookie and sheep up the mountains, oh also a nasty earthquake. Think I’ll stick to the UK, land of hope and glory and all that!


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