Dragging On

Euro Finals Sunday 9th Sept,

Unfortunately a rather disjointed stop/start meeting with a lot of breakages early on which meant everything fell over two hours behind schedule.  By 3.45pm the semi finals had not even started, Tina and I decided to call it a day and head for home, something I’ve not done before.  We got home at 6.30pm and I watched all the finals on the internet!

The moment 10,000 horsepower is let loose! 2018 champion Anita Makela of Finland launches her Top Fuel Dragster and runs 3.872 312.44mph over the 1,000 ft

There was some super racing though and you have to feel sorry for all the teams who suffered damage, huge expense for so little reward.  Many records were again broken as the new Santa Pod track proves its worth.

As usual there are more images on my HOME portfolio of images page  https://blhphotoblog.wordpress.com/portfolio/drag-racing-2018/  Check them out.

Top Fuel Funny Car, Kevin Chapman
Peter Wacker of Switzerland’s beautiful 57 Chevy Bel Air Pro Mod

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