Autumn Butterflies

Couldn’t resist any longer.  I dusted down the old D3100 and we went for a day out to Pensthorpe Natural Park near Fakenham, Norfolk.  This is a collection of flooded gravel pits that have been transformed into a wildlife haven.  Here you can see native waterfowl mingling with those from around the world, bit like a zoo I suppose but there is a serious conservation side with rare, endangered species being bred for release.

I was going to post some images of the water birds, but they are captive and not difficult to photograph.  Wandering around in glorious warm sunshine I noticed good numbers of butterflies, hello my beauties, smile please I’ve missed you!

Comma enjoying a blackberry

The Comma (Polygonia c-album) is often one of the first butterflies you see, and also one of the last.  These later generation in autumn will feed on ripe fruit then hibernate through the winter.  The one above was so engrossed in a blackberry it didn’t mind the macro lens only a few inches away!

Small Copper

I was amazed to see so many Small Coppers (Lycaena phlaeas) gorgeous little butterflies with a wing span of 26-36mm (1 – 11/2 inches).  These were so fresh they must be a third generation.  The one above is of the form Punctata with blue metallic spots on the lower hind wing.

Small Copper underwing

Interesting using the old camera body again, I must say not as easy, it takes longer to change settings and the moment could be lost.  The quality is also not quite as good with only half the megapixels and a smaller sensor but I like these images.


31 thoughts on “Autumn Butterflies

  1. Sign of a good photographer when it doesn’t matter what the equipment is, still get great shots. the Comma is definitely unique. If you were not looking close you’d probably just write it off as a dead leaf. Good to hear you are back out in the field – hoping the main camera makes its way home soon.

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    1. That’s a very nice compliment thank you. I didn’t see the Comma at first but it opened it’s wings briefly to reveal a flash of orange, the lighting was awful had to ramp up the iso which isn’t a good thing on the old Nikon. Yes that camera is taking it’s time returning and the autumn birding season is almost here!

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      1. I know how you feel. I wouldn’t want to go back to a camera with no dedicated AF-ON button, and only one wheel after having had both for so many years now. However when jonesing for a camera outing this very capable camera in the right hands such as yours isn’t one to sneeze at.

        Heck if I came to be without a working camera and had to send mine in for repair or mine broke and I couldn’t afford a new one I could see me being so desperate to get out to do some photography that I’d take my old D300s with its broken AF motor out and shoot it manually all day. 😊📷
        Like the old days.

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