Cumbrian Discoveries pt1

At last a weeks holiday!  A return visit to Southern Cumbria.  This year we are picking up our daughter Victoria (the Norfolk Lemming) from Manchester Uni a few weeks later, so I hope to see and photograph some new species.  Beautiful weather and on day one we went to Latterbarrow nature reserve.  This is a narrow site on a hill near Witherslack, the vegetation was parched dry due to the very hot summer with few flowers.

High Brown Fritillary at Latterbarrow

Tina spotted a Fritillary whilst I was searching for Northern Brown Argus.  To our great delight it was a High Brown Fritillary (Argynnis adippe) one of the UK’s rarest and most threatened species.  Once widespread in woodlands across Britain it can now only be found on a few limestone hills around the Morecambe Bay,  and at a couple of sites on Exmoor.  The population has crashed by over 90% since 1970!

New species number two, a Black Darter

Absolutely elated.  I noticed a small dragonfly, eventually it settled on a swaying grass head and I reeled off a few shots.  It was a Black Darter (Sympetrum danae).  I have never seen one before.  In Norfolk they only occur at two sites in the west of the County.

Then a really pretty moth, a Mint Moth (Pyrausta aurata)

Mint Moth
Slightly worn but still beautiful, the High Brown Fritillary

Day one a great success!  I have updated the portfolio on my HOME page



21 thoughts on “Cumbrian Discoveries pt1

  1. Great finds! 🙂 Fine shots! How fortunate for you two.
    My dad always said, he’d rather be lucky than good.
    I always said good play makes good luck happen more often.

    We’re in the same boat, my friend. Take care and keep making waves.

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    1. I like the moth, But the Fritillary was Target 1 I even had sleepless nights beforehand (does that sound stupid?) They are getting so rare now, conservationists are trying to restore the habitat so maybe hope for the future. It was my only sighting as well, the ‘best’ site drew a blank so you can imagine my relief of getting one on the first afternoon, at a site I was told I wouldn’t see one!

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      1. Not stupid in my world ha – most of my long vacations are targeting a single bird – I sweat it out every day and night until I get it in the tin (assuming success). Best of luck to the Fritillary, hate to see a species get that slim.

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      2. It’s where the phrase ‘twitching’ comes from, I’d set off from home after a rare bird praying it would not fly, and be a nervous wreck when I arrived till I got it in the ‘scope. Butterflies tend to stay put, but they have (mostly) very short flight periods.


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