New Life

A beautiful warm sunny morning so I decided to return to our local heath to seek out the Silver Studded Blues (Plebejus argus).  Butterflies were everywhere, Meadow Browns, Ringlets and Small Heaths.  As I wandered among the gorse and heather I came to an area where dozens of the Blues where flying.  I was delighted to find a butterfly emerging from deep in the grass, slowly it climbed the stems to inflate it’s new wings in the sun.

The newly hatched Silver Studded Blue inflates it’s crumpled wings

It took many attempts as the gentle breeze kept knocking it back down.  It persevered, the will to survive is strong.  This is the first time I have witnessed the first moment of a butterflies life.

Starting the long climb again

Also delighted to find a mating pair.  Hanging on the top of a grass stem, swaying in the breeze, starting a new generation.  They also had to put up with the unwanted attention of other males trying to muscle in, but carried on regardless.

Starting a new generation. The female (the browner one on the left) has beautifully marked silver studs on the outer edge of the wing

26 thoughts on “New Life

    1. Indeed Ray, it was another male SSB investigating that alerted me, they were searching for females, then this fellow pushed it’s way up through the grass, amazing.


  1. Your butterfly shots are more than cool, Brian. 🙂 Far-out is more like it.
    Furthermore, you know them so well, and articulate their strangeness
    in such an informative way that I always come away having learned
    something new, which never gets old. Cheerz to you! UT

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    1. Many thanks UT, glad you like the little bits of info, always difficult to know just how much to write, too much could become boring, but I like to keep it slightly light hearted to compliment the photos.

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      1. No problem. I really enjoy your blog. I don’t see alot of butterflies out there in the wild. Maybe someday, though, I’ll be able to post about them on my blog too!

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