Something Local

“Ha yew orl gittin on tha tgether?” Translated from the Norfolk dialect “Everyone ok?”  It seems just lately I’ve been spending an awful lot of time travelling on the potholed, crumbling, congested joke of a road network we have in this country.  But to see new, exciting and rare species that is the price you have to pay.  It’s stressful but you can unwind when you reach your destination.

There is always something to see if you stay local however.  Get out in the garden or just a couple of miles down the road.  Within a few minutes I can visit the Broads, heathland, woods or coast.  Plenty of subjects to point my camera at!  Here is a selection from the last few weeks.

Could have picked a more comfortable resting spot! Hairy Dragonfly (Brachytron pratense) at Hickling Broad, not a species that stays still for long
Aliens have landed! Really pleased to find this at Hickling. It is an exuvia, a discarded shell of a Four Spotted Chaser dragonfly. This species spends at least two years underwater as a larva before emerging to hatch. The adults only live for a few months.
Aliens really have landed! This remarkable looking creature is a Soldier Beetle, just look at those fantastic feet!

Of course my blog wouldn’t be complete without a butterfly (or two).  On a heath just 2 miles from home is a small colony of Silver Studded Blues (Plebejus argus) one of only four colonies in the whole county ( also click on HOME & tab ‘Buxton Heath Blues’)  I had been unable to find these before but struck lucky last Thursday when I discovered a freshly emerged male flying weakly among the heather and gorse.

This stunning male Silver Studded blue is so fresh the wings still have a wet, oily sheen
Sparkling! The underwing of the Silver Studded Blue. The name derives from the small metallic marks in the outer row of black spots
A species I’ve not managed to get a good image of before the Small Heath poses beautifully, not hidden in the grass as usual!

As I write this post I am looking forward to the emergence of the magnificent Purple Emperor, another trip to Northamptonshire!  Then the Summer Nationals at Santa Pod (ditto)  Finally a few days in Cumbria mid-July, but there is always something local.

26 thoughts on “Something Local

  1. Fantastic work Brian! And congratulations for finding an Exuvia! Oh my God, when I traveled around Scotland, I had some problems understanding the locals. But the Norfolk dialect also seems to be very difficult! 😉

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  2. Great pics as always!
    I saw an orange underside of beetle in some grasses recently but only after I had the image at home on the computer – realised I’d missed something interesting. Now I know it was probably a soldier beetle!
    You are fortunate to have such impressive insects and butterflies nearby!

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  3. Once again, another fantastic set of shots. that Silver Studded image is truly amazing. The color palette on butters you have been featuring as of late have really been unique – I find myself doing a lot of graphic work and need to keep these colorful creatures in mind when trying to come up with coordinated color patterns. Did just learn (thanks to quick search if we have Soldier Beetles here), they are actually a welcome insect for gardeners thanks to their larvae which feast on other ill-wanted pests. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks Brian, it’s a shame the colours soon fade on the butterflies (some only live for a week) so I try to image them when fresh, bit like birds that have finished moulting. Interesting you also have the beetles.


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