Main Event 2018, the’Big Go’

Time to leave the wildlife alone for awhile and indulge in my other passion.  In warm sunny weather we headed out to the east midlands and Santa Pod Raceway for a day of top notch drag racing, the second qualifying session for the first round of the FIA European drag racing series.  Thunderous 10,000 bhp 300mph fire breathing Top Fuel dragsters and more.  Check out more images on my HOME portfolio of images page

‘The Undertaker’ Top Fuel Funny Car of Steve Ashdown
When it all goes wrong. Mikael Kagered’s Top Fuel motor lets go on the start line, nitromethane is very volatile!
When it all goes right. Finland’s Antti Horto running a 3.97 @ 300.99mph over the 1,000ft

11 thoughts on “Main Event 2018, the’Big Go’

  1. This is taking it out of the realms of sport into sci-fi … Brrrrrr!

    I imagine those wing-things in the bows must be somehow computer controlled?

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    1. Hi Argus, although there is a computer on board to collect data nothing is computer controlled. The front and rear wings are pre-set for each race and the down-force created is 1800lbs front and 8000lbs rear! If you look closely at the bottom image and the one on the home page you will see how this causes the body to arch. Thanks for dropping by.

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  2. Nice shots, Brian. The nitros were and still are bad-ass. Brings back awesome memories from my 1980’s of going to the drag races during the summers for the weekends. Sometimes we got pit passes but mostly I enjoyed sitting at the finish line and watching them come down the track roaring. Those were the good ‘ole partying days. 🙂

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    1. Wow Donna a kindred spirit! We don’t do the whole weekend thing anymore (too old lol) but really look forward to the races ( nearly spent our honeymoon at Santa Pod in ’83) Love the smell of nitro in the morning!

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  3. Brilliant weekend (well Saturday and Sunday) Monday I had other duties. I gave up trying to take pictures years ago after many frames of half a car. Lucky to miss the rain too.

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    1. Very lucky with the weather Malvin, I was working Monday afternoon also and there was no live feed in the morning! But great weekend and the track looks brilliant.


  4. Good stuff Brian. Sure was an enjoyable meeting. Well, not for Kagered – he had a nightmare weekend!
    So many impressive runs from all sorts of classes on the new track. It certainly won me over and bodes well for the future as it’s only going to get faster.

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      1. Yes I am working on something. Should be publishing it here over the next few days. Thanks a lot for the offer of images, will definitely think about it for future posts.

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